- By Antonello LUPINO.




My analysis started from 2 points of view which are:


First       - May be the film is part of an episode in which some humans are involved in a experiment

     carried out by aliens;

Second - the footage is false but it is very well orchestrated.



1)    - the film is probably part of an episode in which some humans are involved in a experiment done by aliens.


It’s important to say that the footage is accompanied by a photo (image 4), and by a letter (image 1), in Russian hand writing, the alleged scientist, and sent by e-mail to a U.S. citizen fond of Ufo :William Matchen. The letter, translated in two different moments by persons known by William,  quotes literally:



Citizens of the Russian Federation,

being a member of the Russian Cosmic Academy with a 22-year experience, I resign as a chief of the project KBAT746432.
This project concerns existence and safety of all human kind. The Russian government has (word that means that they cannot be proven false, very true, proven) proof that is able to change life on Earth as we know it.
The Russian government informed the U.S. Government, but neither of the governments wanted to disclose these proofs.
My responsibility as a scientist and a citizen is to disclose this secret information. An alien spaceship crashed in the sea Kara just north of the Siberian plateau.
The extracted (??something??) of crash remains microtype was restored and all stored information has been deciphered. Fragments from the invention clearly show experiments conducted on people, which were conducted by the extraterrestrials.
My life is in danger, and that's why I am relocating from place to place. I will provide all possible evidence as soon as it will be possible despite all the complications.

Comrades, we crossed the line, people ought to know the truth. If you all don't present the full evidence, I will find a way to do it myself. (end)”.






The footage


The original footage is about 5 seconds long, and shows what seems to be an alleged alien medical room. In a second time two identical frames have been added, to modify its reproduction speed, reduced to 1/2 and 1/16 so to better observe the scene. We cannot forget that, with the nowdays technology, the possibility to mystify a natural phenomenon as well as to design photographic falsifications, in the field of UFO can always exist.           



The sequence shows a young woman, of the apparent age of about 30/32 years, laying inside a sort of sarcophagus from an unusual form (image 3).    


This woman is covered, from shoulders to the knees, by a kind of greenish substance that seems to be solid. From what seems to be a claw, a probe is extracted and because of a change of the visual field, it is difficult to understand for how many centimeters this probe has been inserted inside the low abdomen of the woman.


Despite the traumatic fact, the woman looks naturally soothed, and in some “frames” seems smiling! It is interesting to underline that the alleged Russian scientist,  answering to the second e-mail of William, has sent a photo that withdraws a human being of masculine sex inside another sarcophagus, in soothing state (image 4), covered by the same strange substance over the woman’s body. A careful eye, can see that close to these, another sarcophagus is found, presumably that of the young protagonist of the footage (take notice that the second sarcophagus at this time is empty!).


As I previously stated, during the last 17 years, I have been analysing persons, who declare having experiences of “alien abduction” and must honestly say that in the footage there are some themes that often happen during the “medical” abduction phases.


In the video you can see some particulars noticed only by those who know the alien abduction phenomenon very well.


The “medical” environment, rather than a place where the abducted persons are sheltered, it seems to be a laboratory of genetic experiments. Besides, the shape of the “sarcophaguses” seems to coincide with the descriptions of those victims I have interviewed, that have been in similar environments. I guarantee that these abducted, have been analyzed by skilled expert and judged highly reliable.




We now analyze the content of the footage


I have splitted  the original film in different “frames” in which I have identified some key-element described here below: 






A) The probe extracted by the low abdomen

B) The face of the girl and the “sarcophagus”‘ shape

C) The inside ocular membrane of the alleged alien

D) The other human being set in the sarcophagus of side to the woman




Frame A):


1)       The image shows the video done from the trunk to the beginning of the pelvis. In foreground you can see  in the low central area, one hand probably belonging to a non terrestrial being, apparently formed by three fingers and laying over to the left thigh of the alleged “victim.” The right hand of the alleged alien (apparently composed also by three fingers or claws), grasps a kind of probe (in foreground) that seems to have been inserted in the low abdomen of the woman  unthreading it from her position, perhaps at the end of an examination rather violent.


2)   The situation seems similar to some abduction cases and/or episodes where experiments of different nature are practised. The characteristics of the two hands, seem also to be coherent with those described by some abducted, considering rettiloid beings present in the abduction place and in violent analyses.


Frame B):


1)       You can notice close up the woman's face, as well as the sarcophagus. The woman seems to be under the influence of an apparatus to soothe her provoking pleasant dream episodes (these details are often remembered by many abducted I have analyzed). The apparatus is placed on the right temple to make no traumatic memory and remember the past experience. Many abducted persons often refer to me, during the technique of “conscious regression”, a train of wave ELF to a frequency of 4/5 Hz., provoking deep sleep and a big range of effects in the dreaming path.


2)  You can also see the particular form of the “sarcophagus”, that correspond to some descriptions given to me by some abducted, some years ago, about the places in which they were brought after the contact with different kinds of aliens.


Frame C):


All the footage is surrounded by a kind of halo, that seems to be the effect of a shot done from the inside ocular hollow, toward the external environment.



Frame D):


The photo shows another human being, of presumed masculine sex, also laying into the sarcophagus, beside the girl. Also this human being shows the same characteristics of the woman. Half of his body is covered by a “muddy” substance and by a kind of probe connected to the body. He is also  in a evident state of hypnotic condition.


And now let’s proceed with the computerized graphic analysis of what it has been described until now.


Elaborating these frames graphically, I have considered the frames indicated by the letters B) - C) and D), as follows:








B) The face of the girl and the shape of the “sarcophagus”

C) The inside of the ocular membrane and the claw of the alleged alien

D) The other human being set in the sarcophagus beside  the woman





 Frame B) Sequence Analysis







Frame B-1)


With a special graphic filter I have made brighter the image B).

Some important elements can be distinguished:

- a light green luminescence to left upper side;

- the face of the woman is well seen;

- the particular form of the “sarcophagus”

- a strange device on the right temple.















Frame B-2)


In the following frame B-2) you can see what I call “artificial hypnotic device” . In spite of this  dramatic event, the woman, in a dreaming phase, looks smiling.      



 C) frame analysis


In frame C)  there are further important facts:


- what seems to be two claws, left and right;

- the probe that initially was inserted in the lower stomach of the woman;


In the graphically elaborated frame, I try to compare the probe length at the explant moment with that one in frame C).



C-1)  From the graphic comparison on the right, the presence of two clawed hands is pointed out (presumably three fingers). While the left hand is leaning on the thigh of the woman, the other one seems to extract what appears to be a probe of about 20cm long. To the right part  there is what I consider the logical sequence of the footage, better the vision of the probe just drawn, between the claws of the alleged alien. Measuring the probe from the bulb to the terminal part again, I realize that it is still 20cm long, and therefore I conclude that the probe, at the beginning of the film it was just leaned on the woman’s body.


C-2) Besides, examining the limbs grasping the probe, these are more similar to claws. In effects they correspond to the description done by numerous witness involved in contacts with “reptiles” beings, or the three clawed fingers.



D) frame analysis









In this frame, sent by the alleged scientist to Mr William,  the close up subject is a man and not more the woman, which instead appears inside the “sarcophagus” in the distance at the end of the room. In effects, this would strength the hypothesis that the “videoclip” is more than one. What however could be ignored to a first analysis of D) frame, made brighter from a graphic filter, is that ocular halo form is missing, present on the contrary in the entire footage KBAT746432. Secondarily, it is rather strange that, considering the variety of human beings, with normal aspect,  the classical belly and well overweight, the two subjects in the film and in the photo (man and woman), are  like cinema actor stereotype.




Let’s consider now other three significant “frames”.





E) the video from inside the eye

F) a shadow in the right frame

G) the direction of the lights





E) frame analysis


Observing this image, you can see a light pink halo ocular form, which edging the subject forefront. According to the scientist of the “kbat746432” project,  who put the footage in Internet, the film would have been extracted by a microchip inside the eye of an alleged alien, recovered after a crash near Kara Sea, in Siberian Plateau.

During my abduction researches, I have analyzed many persons that have been abducted and suffered about some surgery, due to the application of miniaturized probes, inside muscular and bone tissues, especially in the brain. 


 Such probes were inserted in most cases, inside the gland pituitary and/or in the visual and audit cortex. The scheme was simple: “The eye received the impulses related to the visualized image, therefore them were sent to the brain for decode and interpretation, and I know on. If the microchip is grafted on the Visual Bark, this will memorize all the images that the eye see at that time. They will be therefore clear images without halos, without visions of the ocular one, as the eye will record what the person sees”. The image E) recorded by the microchip represent a non reliable reduction of the visual campo of the alien. It is not possible that the cartilage of the ocular cable is so transparent, unless an artificial hollow has been created to insert an objective video. From my point of view, if we have decided to believe that we are not alone and that our Planet is in contact with different alien races, it is not possible that these aliens, coming from other Planets, with an incredible technology, use primitive techniques to record these kind of surgeries, the so called “abduction”.







F) frame analysis


Observing this specific frame, to the right centre, you can see, above the “claws”, something like a head of profile. In the elaborated frame, indicated by letter F-1), I have underlined such “shade”, that seems to belong to the like a head of an alien of the so-called ”reptilians” race.  Such shade stays in the visual field for some tenth, after that it fades away. This means that who recorded the footage knows very well the phenomenon of the alien abductions.


















 G) frame analysis


 In this frame, I have analyzed the position of the light sources inside the environment in which the film has been shot, trying to understand the quantity.


 After having done a thermographic analysis of the image F), I have tried to calculate the diffusions of the light sources to the point in which the same  were assembled. From the image F-1) you can notice that the light is focused on the woman inside the “sarcophagus”; behind her own head and at her left side.


Tracing some hypothetical lines of lights, the four lighted points underline coincides perfectly with what the author meant, that is: the presumed extraction of the probe from the low abdomen of the woman, the probes connected to the body, the “claws” of the strange creature and, at last, a fact that happened on the panel set behind the woman bedside (I will later clarify). Therefore the light is radiated by four points: A-B-C-D, corresponding probably to four light sources (who recorded the film, knows data about abductions, but doesn’t know that the alien “medical” rooms, would have been illuminated constantly by a kind of solid white light,  that would not seem to have any artificial origin!).



At the end of this analyses, we consider the last three frames:






G) a light source appears  to the right.

H) the source assumes a bright form and comes out on the footage.

I) to the left the light source creates, a kind of  oleographic effect.

L) the light source is found now to the left and illuminates the empty sarcophagus to side.




G) frame analysis


A light source of presumed artificial origin (B) is created behind the woman head that partially illuminates the central upper part of the footage and the “sarcophagus” beside (A). The light seems to come from behind a transparent wall.


H) frame analysis


The brightness move towards the left side of the film creating a further visual effect that illuminates the wall behind the woman and a piece of the “sarcophagus.” In this exact point, the light source illuminates the right breast and the side of the woman, as well as a piece of the second sarcophagus that  is still empty, at the moment.











 I) frame analysis


In this frame, the light source, creates an effect to the upper centre of the sequence, which seems a reflex of the second sarcophagus (B),  which begins to be visible almost entirely (A). Going ahead, you can notice that the light source assumes a “jellyfish” shape. In effects, the light going behind the head of the woman, does not illuminates her face, that remains always in shade (in my  frames  the images are more clean as I have used some filters to create more light!).












L) frame analysis


In this sequence, the light source lies completely on the left (A), and with a sort of “flash”, it very well illuminates also the second “sarcophagus” (B),  close to the woman.




And here is the footage end.


However I am continuing my analysis of the letter sent by the presumed scientist.


I asked to Mrs Gabriella GRANARA, a Russian-Italian translator, to translate the letter.  Then  have done a graphological and psychological analysis of the subject-writer. These are my ideas:





The first part of the letter, up to the sentence “my duty…” it has been written with readable characters, has regular spacing and there are no handwriting mistakes.

It has the style of an official letter typical of the Soviet period and is addressed “To the citizens…” of the Russian Federation.

The following part seems written in a second time and with a different state of mind: the characters are smaller and in some parts irregular. There are corrections and a cancellation and the spacing are lesser and closer.

The sentence of the “microchip”  is not complete, it is like a noun is missing, not saying from what the microchip has been extracted.

The message is laconic, a short communication from someone who is in a hurry and it contains, at the end, an appellative “companions”  that might indicate the camerade in fight, the job companions or party companions. In this sentence  they are the recipients of the letter.


Anomalies: the letter hasn’t the date, nor signature but quotes in detail the project name.



Psyco/graphological analysis


To Mrs Granara’s comments, I add that the letter, in his context, seems to be written by two completely different personalities. The first part is more technical and “loyal to the duty of its own mission”, as  a “companion” of the soviet would have done; the second part, has no technique and data to analyze. Observing spacing and characters in the first case it comes out a strong and sure personality, typical of someone who has its own goal to reach. In the second part, it seems really that previous personality has disappeared, to give place to a timorous and hesitant one. It seems to be written by another person that tries its best to be technical and at the same time having suicide intentions.

In my opinion, the letter could be the first part of a  memory we have not received yet, for unknown reasons.





            At the beginning of this analysis I have stated beforehand that the KBAT footage has a worrying content, if true.  However, I have formulated two different hypothesis: that it is true, or it belongs to a well organized fiction.


With today’s technology it is very easy to perform some forgeries and give them out for true.


It is very difficult for the researches to be sure about tests and especially about video or photos. Therefore, following the suggestions of the Exopolitics group, headed by Doctor Michael Salla and those of Disclosure Project of Professor Steven Greer, I thought to establish a valid protocol of investigation to be used in cases of presumed ufologic disinformation. I used this protocol in these analysis allowing me to reach conclusions here above mentioned. I am not inviting to condemn people having Ufo sighting,  or contacted, abducted, or immediately give for fake all the films produced about it.


I simply say that, a system that fears the “Big Secret” will be divulged tries all his means (believe me it has a lot of), to create misinformation, or to gradually prepare people to a gradual announcement, avoiding existential shocks in the whole Planet. The tactic is always the same: first mix wisely a real fact with fiction elements, then give the message out and therefore listening and waiting.



 I must conclude these comments about the footage KBAT 746432, highlighting that is a film recorded for other purposes without any data to define it is authentic. May be is a coincidence, but for me the women in the film is very like to the beautiful actress Catherine Bell, in the role of the Greatest Sarah MacKenzie in the fortunate series TV JAG–Lawyers in uniform. Nevertheless I am convinced that, such film has been realized by experts that know very well elements of alien abductions, like as technology used for the contact to the place and way of doing it.


In case I would have new elements to evaluate I’ll be willing to admit I was wrong on the whole or on one part of it, but at this point it is the only conclusion I have drawn. Therefore I am waiting for the scientist will turn up to my e-mail address: cuidirect@libero.it, to have more details and to let you know the truth.


If we don't want to play these people’s game, we must stir our consciences and understand the its mechanism, helping who has difficulty to understand this phenomenon, to know it better with no fear. Remember: “Who is afraid can be easily dominated refusing the contact with other beings”.


You will find the whole documentation on the site:  www.ufocui.it


I wills soon examine another footage, recorded near the islands “Franz Joseph Land”, situated in the Kara Sea, North Siberia, in which you can glimpse the rests of that discoverers affirm to be an alien spaceship and/or a giantic creature.



Waiting for further news and contacts from who is interested in mtDNA correlation,


Kind regards


The light of the truth always illuminates our path.


Antonello LUPINO