The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12
A Hypothesis
By Milton William Cooper
May 23, 1989
(C) COPYRIGHT 1989 - All rights reserved.
No part of this manuscript may be copied by
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other means without written permission of
the author.
NOTE....Many sources of information were used to research
this paper. Most of this knowledge comes directly from or is
a result of my own research into the TOP SECRET/MAJIC
material which I personally saw and read between the years
1970 and 1973 as a member of the Intelligence Briefing Team
of the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet. Since some
of this information was derived from sources that I cannot
divulge for obvious reasons, and from published sources which
I personally cannot vouch for, this paper must be treated as
a hypothesis. Although, I firmly believe that this is the
true nature of the Beast. It is the only scenario that has
been able to cohesively bind all the diverse elements which
have been driving researchers to tears in their quest for
answers. It is the only scenario that answers all the
questions and places the various fundamental mysteries in an
arena that makes sense. It is the only explanation which
shows the chronology of events and shows that the different
chronologies when assembled together match perfectly. The
bulk of this I know to be true. As for the rest I do not
know and that is why this paper must be termed a hypothesis
During the years following World War II the government of the
United States was confronted with a series of events which
were to change beyond prediction its future and with it the
future of humanity. These events were so incredible that
they defied belief. A stunned President Truman and his top
Military Commanders found themselves virtually impotent after
having just won the most devastating and costly war in
history. The United States had developed, used, and was the
only nation on earth in possession of the Atomic Bomb which
alone had the potential to destroy any enemy, and even the
Earth itself. At that time the United States had the best
economy, the most advanced technology, the highest standard
of living, exerted the most influence, and fielded the
largest and most powerful military forces in history. We can
only imagine the confusion and concern when the informed
elite of the United States Government discovered that an
alien spacecraft piloted by insect-like beings from a totally
incomprehensible culture had crashed in the desert of New
Between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or
downed alien craft, 65 alien bodies, and 1 live alien were
recovered. An additional alien craft had exploded and
nothing was recovered from that incident. Of these
incidents, 13 occurred within the borders of the United
States not including the craft which disintegrated in the
air. Of these 13, 1 was in Arizona, 11 were in New Mexico,
and 1 was in Nevada. Three occurred in foreign countries.
Of those 1 was in Norway, and the last 2 were in Mexico.
Sightings of UFOS were so numerous that serious investigation
and debunking of each report became impossible utilizing the
existing intelligence assets.
An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948 on a Mesa near
Aztec New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25,
1948 in Hart Canyon near Aztec New Mexico. It was 100 feet
in diameter. A total of 17 alien bodies were recovered from
those two craft. Of even greater significance was the
discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within
both of these vehicles. A demon had reared its ugly head and
paranoia quickly took hold of everyone then 'in the know'.
The Secret lid immediately became an Above Top Secret lid and
was screwed down tight. The security blanket was even
tighter than that imposed upon the Manhattan Project. In the
coming years these events were to become the most closely
guarded secrets in the history of the world.
A special group of America's top scientists were organized
under the name Project Sign in December of 1947 to study the
phenomenon. The whole nasty business was contained within
the shroud of secrecy. Project Sign evolved into Project
Grudge in December of 1948. A low level collection and
disinformation project named Blue Book was formed under
Grudge. 16 volumes were to come out of Grudge including the
controversial "Grudge 13" which I and Bill English saw, read,
and revealed to the public. "Blue Teams" were put together
to recover the crashed discs and dead or alive aliens. The
Blue Teams were later to evolve into Alpha Teams under
Project Pounce.
During these early years the United States Air Force and the
Central Intelligence Agency exercised complete control over
the Alien Secret. In fact the CIA was formed by Presidential
Executive Order first as the Central Intelligence Group for
the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence.
Later the National Security Act was passed establishing it as
the Central Intelligence Agency. The National Security
Council was established to oversee the intelligence community
and especially the alien endeavor. A series of National
Security Council Memos and Executive Orders removed the CIA
from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence and
slowly but thoroughly 'legalized' direct action in the form
of covert activities at home and abroad.
On December 9, 1947 Truman approved issuance of NSC-4,
entitled "Coordination of Foreign Intelligence Information
Measures" at the urging of Secretaries Marshall, Forrestal,
Patterson, and the director of the State Department's Policy
Planning Staff, Kennan.
The Foreign and Military Intelligence, Book 1, "Final Report
of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with
Respect to Intelligence Activities." United States Senate,
94th Congress, 2nd Session, Report No. 94-755, April 26,
1976, p. 49 states: "This directive empowered the secretary
of state to coordinate overseas information activities
designed to counter communism. A top secret annex to NSC-4,
NSC-4A, instructed the director of Central Intelligence to
undertake covert psychological activities in pursuit of the
aims set forth in NSC-4. The initial authority given the CIA
for covert operations under NSC-4A did not establish formal
procedures for either coordinating or approving these
operations. It simply directed the DCI to "undertake covert
actions and to ensure, through liaison with State and
Defense, that the resulting operations were consistent with
American policy."
Later NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were to supersede NSC-4 and NSC-
4A and expand the covert abilities even further. The Office
of Policy Coordination (OPC) was chartered to carry out an
expanded program of covert activities. NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2
validated illegal and extra-legal practices and procedures as
being agreeable to the national security leadership. The
reaction was swift. In the eyes of the intelligence
community "no holds were barred". Under NSC-10/1 an
Executive Coordination Group, was established to review, but
not approve, covert project proposals. The ECG was secretly
tasked to coordinate the alien projects. NSC-10/1 & /2 were
interpreted to mean that no one at the top wanted to know
about anything until it was over and successful. These
actions established a buffer between the President and the
information. It was intended that this buffer serve as a
means for the President to deny knowledge if leaks divulged
the true state of affairs. This buffer was used in later
years for the purpose of effectively isolating succeeding
Presidents from any knowledge of the alien presence other
than what the Secret Government and the intelligence
community wanted them to know. NSC-10/2 established a study
panel which met secretly and was made up of the scientific
minds of the day. The study panel was not called MJ-12.
Another NSC memo, NSC-10/5 further outlined the duties of the
study panel. these NSC memos and secret Executive Orders set
the stage for the creation of MJ-12 only 4 years later.
Secretary of Defense James Forrestal began to object to the
secrecy. He was a very idealistic and religious man who
believed that the public should be told. When he began to
talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of the
Congress about the alien problem he was asked to resign by
Truman. He expressed his fears to many people and rightfully
believed that he was being watched. This was interpreted by
those who were ignorant of the facts as paranoia. Forrestal
later was said to have suffered a mental breakdown and was
admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital. In fact it was feared
that Forrestal would begin to talk again and he had to be
isolated and discredited. Sometime in the early morning of
May 22, 1949 agents of the CIA tied a sheet around his neck,
fastened the other end to a fixture in his room and threw
James Forrestal out the window. The sheet tore and he
plummeted to his death. He became one of the first victims
of the cover-up.
The live alien that had been taken from the 1949 Roswell
crash was named EBE. The name had been suggested by Dr.
Vannever Bush and was short for Extraterrestrial Biological
Entity. EBE had a tendency to lie and for over a year would
give only the desired answer to questions asked. Those
questions which would have resulted in an undesirable answer
went unanswered. At some point during the second year of
captivity he began to open up and the information derived
from EBE was startling to say the least. This compilation of
his revelations became the foundation of what would later be
called the "Yellow Book". Photographs were taken of EBE
which, among others, I and Bill English were to view years
later in GRUDGE 13.
In late 1951 EBE became ill. Medical personnel had been
unable to determine the cause of EBE's illness and had no
background from which to draw. EBE's system was chlorophyll
based and he processed food into energy much the same as
plants. Waste material was excreted the same as plants. It
was decided that an expert in botany was called for. A
botanist, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza, was brought in to try and
help him recover. Dr. Mendoza worked to save EBE until until
mid 1952 when EBE died. Dr. Mendoza became the expert on
alien biology.
In a futile attempt to save EBE and to gain favor with this
technologically superior alien race the United States began
broadcasting a call for help early in 1952 into the vast
regions of space. The call went unanswered but the project
continued as an effort of good faith.
President Truman created the super secret National Security
Agency by secret Executive Order on November 4, 1952. Its
primary purpose was to decipher the alien communications and
language and establish a dialog with the aliens. This most
urgent task was a continuation of the earlier effort and was
code named SIGMA. The secondary purpose of the NSA was to
monitor all communications and emissions from any and all
devices worldwide for the purpose of gathering intelligence,
both human and alien, and to contain the secret of the alien
presence. Project Sigma was successful. The NSA also
maintains communications with the Luna base and other Secret
Space Programs. By Executive Order The NSA is exempt from
all laws which do not specifically name the NSA in the text
of the law as being subject to that law. That means that if
the agency is not spelled out in the text of any and every
law passed by the Congress it is not subject to that or those
laws. The NSA now performs many other duties and in fact is
the premier agency within the intelligence community. Today
the NSA receives 75% of the moneys allotted to the
intelligence community. The old saying "where the money goes
therein the power resides is true. The DCI today is a
figurehead maintained as a public ruse. The primary task of
the NSA is still alien communications but now includes other
Alien projects as well.
President Truman had been keeping our allies, including the
Soviet Union, informed of the developing alien problem since
the Roswell recovery. This had been done in case the aliens
turned out to be a threat to the human race. Plans were
formulated to defend the Earth in case of invasion. Great
difficulty was encountered in maintaining international
secrecy. It was decided that an outside group was necessary
to coordinate and control international efforts in order to
hide the secret from the normal scrutiny of governments by
the press. The result was the formation of a secret society
which became known as the "Bilderburgers". The headquarters
of this group is Geneva, Switzerland. The Bilderburgers
evolved into a secret world government that now controls
everything. The United Nations was then, and is now, an
international joke.
In 1953 a new president occupied the White House. He was a
man used to a structured staff organization with a chain of
command. His method was to delegate authority and rule by
committee. He made major decisions but only when his
advisors were unable to come to consensus. His normal method
was to read through or listen to several alternatives and
then approve one. Those who worked closely with him have
stated that his favorite comment was, "just do whatever it
takes". He spent a lot of time on the golf course. This was
not at all unusual for a man who had been career Army with
the ultimate position of Supreme Allied Commander during the
war. A post which carried 5 stars along with it. This
President was General of the Army Dwight David Eisenhower.
During his first year in office, 1953, at least 10 more
crashed discs were recovered along with 26 dead and 4 live
aliens. Of the 10, 4 were found in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 1 in
New Mexico, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in Montana, and 1 in South
Africa. There were hundreds of sightings.
Eisenhower knew that he had to wrestle and beat the alien
problem. He knew that he could not do it by revealing the
secret to the Congress. Early in 1953 the new President
turned to his friend and fellow member of the Council on
Foreign Relations Nelson Rockefeller for help with the alien
problem. Eisenhower and Rockefeller began planning the
secret structure of alien task supervision which was to
become a reality within 1 year. The idea for MJ-12 was thus
born. It was Nelson's Uncle Winthrop Aldrich who had been
crucial in convincing Eisenhower to run for President. The
whole Rockefeller family and with them the Rockefeller empire
had solidly backed Ike. Asking Rockefeller for help with the
alien problem was to be the biggest mistake Eisenhower ever
made for the future of the United States and most probably
all of humanity.
Within 1 week of Eisenhower's election he had appointed
Nelson Rockefeller chairman of a Presidential Advisory
Committee on Government Organization. Rockefeller was
responsible for planning the reorganization of the
government. New Deal programs went into 1 single Cabinet
position called the Department of Health, Education, and
Welfare. When the Congress approved the new Cabinet position
in April of 1953, Nelson was named to the post of
Undersecretary to Oveta Culp Hobby.
In 1953 Astronomers discovered large objects in space which
were moving toward the Earth. It was first believed that
they were asteroids. Later evidence proved that the objects
could only be Spaceships. Project Sigma intercepted alien
radio communications. When the objects reached the Earth
they took up a very high orbit around the Equator. There
were several huge ships, and their actual intent was unknown.
Project Sigma, and a new project, Plato, through radio
communications using the computer binary language, was able
to arrange a landing that resulted in face to face contact
with alien beings from another planet. Project Plato was
tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with this race
of space aliens.
In the meantime a race of human looking aliens contacted the
U.S. Government. This alien group warned us against the
aliens that were orbiting the Equator and offered to help us
with our spiritual development. They demanded that we
dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major
condition. They refused to exchange technology citing that
we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we
then possessed. They believed that we would use any new
technology to destroy each other. This race stated that we
were on a path of self destruction and we must stop killing
each other, stop polluting the Earth, stop raping the Earth's
natural resources, and learn to live in harmony. These terms
were met with extreme suspicion, especially the major
condition of nuclear disarmament. It was believed that
meeting that condition would leave us helpless in the face of
an obvious alien threat. We also had nothing in history to
help with the decision. Nuclear disarmament was not
considered to be within the best interest of the United
States. The overtures were rejected.
Later in 1954 the race of large nosed Gray Aliens which had
been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force Base. A
basic agreement was reached. This race identified themselves
as originating from a Planet around a red star in the
Constellation of Orion which we called Betelgeuse. They
stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown
future time they would no longer be able to survive there.
This led to a second landing at Edwards Air Force Base. The
historical event had been planned in advance and details of
the treaty had been agreed upon. Eisenhower arranged to be
in Palm Springs on vacation. On the appointed day the
President was spirited away to the base and the excuse was
given to the press that he was visiting a dentist.
President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal treaty
between the Alien Nation and the United States of America was
signed. We then received our first Alien Ambassador from
outer space. His name and title was His "Omnipotent Highness
Krlll", pronounced Krill. In the American tradition of
distain for royal titles he was secretely called "Original
Hostage Krlll". You should know that the Alien flag is known
as the "Trilateral Insignia" and is displayed on their craft
and worn on their uniforms. Both of these landings and the
second meeting were filmed. These films exist today.
The treaty stated: The aliens would not interfere in our
affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep
their presence on earth a secret. They would furnish us with
advanced technology and would help us in our technological
development. They would not make any treaty with any other
earth nation. They could abduct humans on a limited and
periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and
monitoring of our development with the stipulation that the
humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point
of abduction, that the humans would have no memory of the
event, and that the Alien nation would furnish MJ-12 with a
list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly
scheduled basis. It was agreed that each nation would
receive the Ambassador of the other for as long as the treaty
remained in force. It was further agreed that the Alien
nation and the United States would exchange 16 personnel each
to the other with the purpose of learning, each of the other.
The Alien "Guests" would remain on earth and the human
"Guests" would travel to the Alien point of origin for a
specified period of time then return, at which point a
reverse exchange would be made. It was also agreed that
bases would be constructed underground for the use of the
Alien nation and that 2 bases would be constructed for the
joint use of the Alien nation and the United States
Government. Exchange of technology would take place in the
jointly occupied bases. These Alien bases would be
constructed under Indian reservations in the 4 corners of
Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and 1 would be
constructed in Nevada in the area known as S-4 located
approximately 7 miles south of the western border of Area 51,
known as Dreamland. All alien areas are under complete
control of the Naval Department and all personnel who work in
these complexes receive their checks from the Navy.
Construction of the bases began immediately but progress was
slow until large amounts of money were made available in
1957. Work continued on the "Yellow Book".
Project REDLIGHT was formed and experimentation in test
flying alien craft was begun in earnest. A super TOP SECRET
facility was built at Groom Lake in Nevada in the midst of
the weapons test range. It was code named DREAMLAND. The
installation was placed under the Department of the Navy and
clearance of all personnel required a "Q" clearance as well
as Executive (Presidential) approval. This is ironic due to
the fact that the President of the United States does not
have clearance to visit the site. The alien base and
exchange of technology actually took place in an Area known
as S-4. Area S-4 was code named "The Dark Side of the Moon".
The Army was tasked to form a super secret organization to
furnish security for all alien tasked projects. This
organization became the National Reconnaissance Organization
based at Fort Carson, Colorado. The specific teams trained
to secure the projects were called Delta.
A second project code named SNOWBIRD was promulgated to
explain away any sightings of the REDLIGHT crafts as being
Air Force experiments. The SNOWBIRD crafts were manufactured
using conventional technology and were flown for the press on
several occasions. Project SNOWBIRD was also used to debunk
legitimate public sightings of alien craft (UFOS). Project
SNOWBIRD was very successful and reports from the public
declined steadily until recent years.
A multimillion-dollar SECRET fund was organized and kept by
the Military Office of the White House. This fund was used
to build over 75 deep underground facilities. Presidents who
asked were told the fund was used to build Deep Underground
Shelters for the President in case of war. Only a few were
built for the President. Millions of dollars were funnelled
through this office to MJ-12 and then out to the contractors
and was used to build TOP SECRET alien bases as well as TOP
SECRET DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases), and the
facilities promulgated by "Alternative 2", throughout the
nation. President Johnson used this fund to build a movie
theater and pave the road on his ranch. He had no idea of
its true purpose.
The secret White House underground construction fund was set
up in 1957 by President Eisenhower. The funding was obtained
from Congress under the guise of "construction and
maintenance of secret sites where the President could be
taken in case of military attack: Presidential Emergency
Sites". The sites are literally holes in the ground, deep
enough to withstand a nuclear blast and are outfitted with
state of the art communications equipment. To date there are
more than seventy-five sites spread around the country which
were built using money from this fund. The Atomic Energy
Commission has built at least an additional 22 underground
The location and everything to do with these sites were and
are considered and treated as TOP SECRET. The money was and
is in control of the Military Office of the White House, and
was and is laundered through a circuitous web that even the
most knowledgeable spy or accountant can not follow. As of
1980 only a few at the beginning and end of this web knew
what the money was for. At the beginning were Representative
George Mahon, of Texas, the chairman of the House
Appropriations Committee and of its Defense Subcommittee; and
Representative Robert Sikes, of Florida, chairman of the
House Appropriations Military Construction Subcommittee.
Today it is rumored that House Speaker Jim Wright controls
the money in Congress and that a power struggle is underway
to remove him. At the end of the line were the President,
MJ-12, the director of the Military Office and a commander at
the Washington Navy Yard.
The money was authorized by the Appropriations Committee who
allocated it to the Department of Defense as a TOP SECRET
item in the Army construction program. The Army, however
could not spend it and in fact did not even know what it was
for. Authorization to spend the money was in reality given
to the Navy. The money was channeled to the Chesapeake
Division of the Navy Engineers who did not know what it was
for either. Not even the Commanding Officer, who was an
Admiral, knew what the fund was to be used for. Only one
man, a Navy Commander, who was assigned to the Chesapeake
Division but in reality was responsible only to the Military
Office of the White House knew of the actual purpose, amount,
and ultimate destination of the TOP SECRET fund. The total
secrecy surrounding the fund meant that almost every trace of
it could be made to disappear by the very few people who
controlled it. There has never been and most likely never
will be an audit of this secret money.
Large amounts of money were transferred from the TOP SECRET
fund to a location at Palm Beach, Florida that belongs to the
Coast Guard called Peanut Island. The island is adjacent to
property which was owned by Joseph Kennedy. The money was
said to have been used for landscaping and general
beautification. Some time ago a TV news special on the
Kennedy assassination told of a Coast Guard Officer
transferring money in a briefcase to a Kennedy employee
across this property line. Could this have been a secret
payment to the Kennedy family for the loss of their son John
F. Kennedy? The payments continued through the year 1967
and then stopped. The total amount transferred is unknown
and the actual use of the money is unknown.
Meanwhile, Nelson Rockefeller changed positions again. This
time he was to take C. D. Jackson's old position which had
been called the Special Assistant for Psychological Strategy.
With Nelson's appointment the name was changed to the Special
Assistant for Cold War Strategy. This position would evolve
over the years into the same position Henry Kissinger was
ultimately to hold under President Nixon. Officially he was
to give "Advice and assistance in the development of
increased understanding and cooperation among all peoples".
The official description was a smoke screen for secretly he
was the Presidential Coordinator for the Intelligence
Community. In his new post Rockefeller reported directly,
and only, to the President. He attended meetings of the
Cabinet, the Council on Foreign Economic Policy, and the
National Security Council which was the highest policy-making
body in the government.
Nelson Rockefeller was also given a second important job as
the head of the secret unit called the Planning Coordination
Group which was formed under NSC 5412/1 in March of 1955.
The group consisted of different ad hoc members depending on
the subject on the agenda. The basic members were
Rockefeller, A representative of the Department of Defense, A
representative of the Department of State, and the Director
of Central Intelligence. It was soon called the "5412
Committee" or the "Special Group". NSC 5412/1 established
the rule that covert operations were subject to approval by
an executive committee, whereas in the past these operations
were initiated solely on the authority of the Director of
Central Intelligence.
By secret Executive Memorandum, NSC 5410, Eisenhower had
preceeded NSC 5412/1 in 1954 to establish a permanent
committee (not ad hoc) to be known as Majority Twelve (MJ-12)
to oversee and conduct all covert activities concerned with
the alien question. NSC 5412/1 was created to explain the
purpose of these meetings when Congress and the Press became
curious. Majority Twelve was made up of Nelson Rockefeller,
the Director of Central Intelligence Allen Welsh Dulles, the
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of
Defense Charles E. Wilson, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff Admiral Arthur W. Radford, the Director of the
Federal Bureau of Investigation J. Edgar Hoover, and six men
from the executive committee of the Council on Foreign
Relations known as the "Wise Men". These men were all
members of a secret society of scholars that called
themselves "The Jason Society", or "The Jason Scholars" who
recruited their members from the "Skull and Bones" and the
"Scroll and Key" societies of Harvard and Yale.
The "Wise Men" were key members of the Council on Foreign
Relations. There were 12 members including the first 6 from
Government positions thus Majority Twelve. This group was
made up over the years of the top officers and directors of
the Council on Foreign Relations and later the Trilateral
Commission. Gordon Dean, George Bush and Zbigniew Brzezinski
were among them. The most important and influential of the
"Wise Men" who served on MJ-12 were John McCloy, Robert
Lovett, Averell Harriman, Charles Bohlen, George Kennan, and
Dean Acheson. Their policies were to last well into the
decade of the 70s. It is significant that President
Eisenhower as well as the first 6 MJ-12 members from the
Government were also members of the Council on Foreign
Thorough researchers will soon discover that not all of the
"Wise Men" attended Harvard or Yale and not all of them were
chosen for "Skull and Bones" or "Scroll and Key" membership
during their college years. You will be able to quickly
clear up this mystery by obtaining the book "The Wise Men" by
Walter Isaacson & Evan thomas, Simon and Schuster, New York.
Under illustration #9 in the center of the book you will find
the caption; "Lovett with the Yale Unit, above far right, and
on the beach: His initiation into Skull and Bones came at an
air base near Dunkirk". I have found that members were
chosen on an ongoing basis by invitation based upon merit
post college and was not confined to only Harvard or Yale
A chosen few were later initiated into the Jason Society.
They are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and
at that time were known as the "Eastern Establishment". This
should give you a clue to the far reaching and serious nature
of these most secret college societies. The society is alive
and well today but now includes members of the Trilateral
Commission as well. The Trilateralists existed secretly
several years BEFORE 1973. The name of the Trilateral
Commission was taken from the alien flag known as the
Trilateral Insignia.
Majority Twelve was to survive right up to the present day.
Under Eisenhower and Kennedy it was erroniously called the
"5412 Committee" or more correctly the "Special Group". In
the Johnson Administration it became the "303 Committee"
because the name 5412 had been compromised in the book "The
Secret Government". Actually NSC 5412/1 was leaked to the
author to hide the existence of NSC 5410. Under Nixon, Ford,
and Carter it was called the "40 Committee", and under Reagan
it became the "PI-40 Committee". Over all those years only
the name changed.
By 1955 it became obvious that the aliens had deceived
Eisenhower and had broken the treaty. Mutilated humans were
being found along with mutilated animals all across the
United States. It was suspected that the aliens were not
submitting a complete list of human contacts and abductees to
MJ-12 and it was suspected that not all abductees had been
returned. The Soviet Union was suspected of interacting with
them and this proved to be true. It was learned that the
aliens had been and were then manipulating masses of people
through secret societies, witchcraft, magic, the occult, and
religion. After several Air Force combat air engagements
with alien craft it also became apparent that our weapons
were no match against them.
In November of 1955 NSC-5412/2 was issued establishing a
study committee to explore "all factors which are involved in
the making and implementing of foreign policy in the nuclear
age". This was only a blanket of snow that covered the real
subject of study, the alien question.
By secret Executive Memorandum, NSC 5411 in 1954, President
Eisenhower had commissioned the study group to "examine all
the facts, evidence, lies, and deception and discover the
truth of the alien question". NSC 5412/2 was only a cover
that had become necessary when the press began inquiring as
to the purpose of regular meetings of such important men.
The first meetings began in 1954 and were called the Quantico
meetings because they met at the Quantico Marine Base. The
study group was made up solely of 35 members of the Council
on Foreign Relations' secret scholars known as "The Jason
Society" or "The Jason Scholars". Dr. Edward Teller was
invited to participate. Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski was the
Study Director for the first 18 months. Dr. Henry Kissinger
was chosen as the groups Study Director for the second 18
months beginning in November of 1955. Nelson Rockefeller was
a frequent visitor during the study.
Gordon Dean, Chairman
Dr. Henry Kissinger, Study Director
Dr. Edward Teller Frank Altschul
Maj. Gen. Richard C. Lindsay Hamilton Fish Armstrong
Hanson W. Baldwin Maj. Gen. James McCormack, Jr.
Lloyd V. Berkner Robert R. Bowie
Frank C. Nash McGeorge Bundy
Paul H. Nitze William A. M. Burden
Charles P. Noyes John C. Campbell
Frank Pace, Jr. Thomas K. Finletter
James A. Perkins George S. Franklin, Jr.
Don K. Price I. I. Rabi
David Rockefeller Roswell L. Gilpatric
Oscar M. Ruebhausen N. E. Halaby
Lt. Gen. James M. Gavin Gen. Walter Bedell Smith
Caryl P. haskins Henry DeWolf Smyth
James T. Hill, Jr. Shields Warren
Joseph E. Johnson Carroll L Wilson
Mervin J. Kelly Arnold Wolfers
>>The following article is the first of two parts excerpted from "Just Cause",
the quarterly newsletter of CAUS, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. Run by Barry
Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett, this organization attempts to gain access to
government documents on UFOs through the Freedom of Information Act.
Did a secret government panel once intensively study a crashed-UFO case with
compelling physical evidence at its disposal? Did this panel set the UFO
debunking policy for the government which persists to this day? These are
certainly questions which h ave echoed throughout UFOlogy for decades,
generating scores of wild rumors. Many of the rumors died a quick death
while others lingered, helped along mainly by a cadre of conspiracy
theorists/supporters. One such story was Frank Scully's Artec, New Mexic o
UFO crash, which formed the basis for the 1950 book "BEHIND THE FLYING
SAUCERS". In virtually all of theses cases, the substance necessary to the
credibility of the story was sorely lacking.
Recent revelations have shown that at least a small number of the surviving
rumors deserve a day in court, most notably the Roswell, NM incident of 1947,
involving the alleged crash of a UFO and the recovery and study of the debris
(and bodies) at Wri ght Field (now Wright-Patterson AFB, OH).
A relatively new rumor has surfaced which we would like to discuss in some
detail because it is new and it bears some interesting connections to old
stories. CAUS does not yet endorse this as fact. Our long-standing policy
of requiring conclusive gove rnment documentation still stands and will
always stand. We have yet to see such documentation in this instance.
Nevertheless, it is hoped that open discussion will elicit practical response
toward proving or burying this latest tale.
During the final stages of "CLEAR INTENT" [Greenwood and Fawcett, 1984], I had
collected documents related to multiple sightings of UFOs over Kirtland AFB,
NM in August, 1980. The story of this series of reports is in the Epilog of
CLEAR INTENT. What wasn't inserted in the book was a document, allegedly a
government document, which had made the rounds in the so-called UFO
grapevine. It told of an analysis performed of the "Dr. Bennewitz"
photographic data which had been part of the subject matter in t he confirmed
AFOSI [Air Force Office of Special Investigations] file release on Kirtland.
It concluded that some of the photos were "legitimate negatives of
unidentified aerial objects." The document went on to discuss, very briefly,
a top-secret "Project Aquarius" and something called "MJ 12". These terms
meant little to us at the time so inquiries were launched to determine the
origin of the terms and the document.
No government agency had any knowledge of the matter, and the alleged
originator, AFOSI, said that the document was a "fabrication". Since we had
no evidence to prove otherwise and since the document came from a source
other than the FOIA [Freedom Of Information Act], I chose not to use it in
CI. My copy of the Aquarius document contained several misspellings and
irregularities in format, further adding to my suspicions but I did not rule
out the possibility of this perhaps being a retyped version of an original,
legitimate document by a "mole" in the military. The piece was filed and
remained in limbo for a time.
This past summer the mysterious "MJ 12" portion of the Aquarius document
surfaced again when CAUS was advised by several members that California UFO
researcher Lee Graham was conducting inquiries into MJ 12, apparently based
on specific information fr om an unknown individual in the government. The
specifics were rather intriguing.
MJ 12, or Majestic 12, was a panel formed to investigate and report its
findings to the President of the United States on the matter of Unidentified
Flying Objects. It addressed in particular the Roswell, NM incident of July
2, 1947. The panel consist
>>Second of two-part excerpt from "Just Cause", newsletter of Citizens Against
UFO Secrecy, regarding the controversial "Aquarius" memo, and "MJ 12".
What about the data in the "MJ12" report? The date is immediately telling.
September 18, 1947, is the birthday of the CIA, the official first day of
their existence! Is it a coincidence or a tell-tale clue to the document
being phony? Or could this report have been one of the first orders of
business for the flegdling CIA?
The connection of the 1947 Roswell incident to this affair makes sense. Based
on the information unveiled by Bill Moore, Stan Friedman and others, the
Roswell crash was clearly a major topic in high government circles. It
strains credibility to think that piles of metallic debris would have been
sent to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio from New Mexico for analysis if the
material were simply parts of what should have been an easily-recognizable
radar reflector balloon to Army Air Force officers. After the arrival of the
material at Wright-Patterson and wherever else it may have gone, official
documentation ceases. No useful government files describing analysis of the
debris have been unearthed. Obviously analysis took place somewhere. Where
is the report? If the Roswell object were a strange device of some sort, then
involvement of the individuals listed as MJ 12 would make sense.
My first thoughts upon seeing this list of people is that if a UFO had crashed
and was recovered, this would be the kind of panel that I would want to put
together to investigate the matter. All of these individuals were at the top
in their respective areas of experience during the late 1940's and had the
added benefit of government experience behind them. The Majestic 12 indeed!
A number of them were later involved in the UFO phenomenon. In fact, fully
half of the panel would make a mark on UFO history during and after 1947:
o Hoyt Vandenberg - said to have read the now-famous 1948 "Estimate of the
Situation" and subsequently ordered it downgraded and destroyed for lack of
evidence that UFO's were interplanetary.
o Roscoe Hillenkoeter - Former board member of NICAP and proponent of UFO
o Vannevar Bush - Mentioned in the formelry top secret Canadian "Smith memo"
of November 21, 1950, as the head of a "concentrated effort" to study UFOs.
o Nathan Twining - Authored a well-known September 1947 Air Force memo
strongly endorsing the serious nature of UFOs.
o Donald Menzel - Author of 3 books debunking the UFO phenomenon.
o Lloyd Berkner - member of the CIA's "Robertson Panel" of 1953.
Panel members' background show that most had connections to either the
National Security Council or the Research and Development Board (R&DB). The
R&DB figures prominently in testimony given to us by Dr. Robert Sarbacher
and CAUS is convinced that UFO file material exists in the R&DB's holdings at
the National Archives.
Another curiousity. General Twining's pro-UFO "flying discs" memo (see CLEAR
INTENT, pp.213-214) dated September 23, 1947, comes only five days after the
MJ12 report. Could Twining's possible connection to an MJ12 panel have had
an influence on his wr iting of the 9/23/47 memo?
The listing of Vandenberg and particularly Donald Menzel as MJ12 members is a
major curiousity since both had later negative involvement in UFOs. If an
MJ12 Panel concluded that UFOs were real, Menzel's and Vandenberg's debunking
would seem illogical. Or would it?
If a singular incident of high national security importance occurred, like a
Roswell incident, such could be classified more highly even that the H-Bomb,
as the Smith memo so aptly put it. As study of the phenomenon progressed,
secrecy would be of the utmost importance and any effort to diffuse the
interest of the public and non-need-to-know personnel would be encouraged.
Therefore, General Vandenberg, by batting down Project Sign's "Estimate of
the Situation", would be preventing undue attention from
Report nj10190.ufo
This sighting took place on October 1, 1990, at 2:30 am, near Lake Tamarack.
A report was filed with the police department of Hardyston, New Jersey. At
present, three witnesses have come forward describing this event. What
follows is an account of the event by Mr. and Mrs. L. McR. Mrs. L McR. said
she looked out the window on her way to bed at about 2:30 am and saw an object
hovering over the mountain near her Lake Tamarack home.
"I thought it was a helicopter. It looked like the top light was pulsing.
There were lights below it, but they did not move."
When the object kept hovering for about five minutes, she called her husband
to come and look at it. The two used a telescope and saw the object again.
Mr. McR. stated, "It was a streak of green at an angle with a cut out square
at the bottom center. It was pulsing."
The couple then called a neighbor, who also saw the object. The couple
watched the object for about 15-20 minutes through the telescope as it
traveled slowly thru the sky at the same speed as the stars around it and then
disappeared behind some trees. Mr. McR. explained that " the object appeared
stationary to the naked eye, but the telescope showed it was moving slowly. I
have never seen anything like that before. It was definitely not an
Walter Zamorski of the National Weather Service, when questioned, stated that
the weather on the morning of October 1, was extremely clear, and the sighting
might have been a weather satellite. No further information has materialized
since the October sighting.
===============ParaNet Alpha UFO Reports ===============
The Mutual UFO Network is reporting several areas of increased UFO activity around
the country and in Australia. In the case Down Under, Walt Andrus reports that a
lady and her two sons were driving from Perth to Melbourne at about 2:45AM Wednesday
when they spotted a craft shaped like an "egg-cup" through their rear window. The
object overtook the car, and according to the occupants, the entire vehicle was lifted
into the air, shaken violently, then dropped back onto the road, causing damage and a
blown tire. The claimants reported that their voices seemed oddly distorted and "slowed
down" during the encounter. They also reported a residue of a powdery gray substance
seemed to have been deposited on the car. There were several independent witnesses to
a UFO in the same general area in the same time frame, including two men on a fishing
trawler 50 miles away. Initial news dispatches have it that the fishermen experienced
the same vocal distortion; however, Andrus was hesitant on that point, saying that its
possible the news service was confusing its facts. He said that two MUFON investigators
are on the case, Keith Basterfield and Bill Chalker. He confirmed that the grey powder
is being analyzed. [Hot tip from Your Administrator: We will be very interested if the
stuff turns out to be Magnesium Oxide.]Back in this country, a UFO seems to be buzzing
the town of Gulf Breezes in the Florida Panhandle. Andrus, who spent four days in the
Pensacola suburb at the request of MUFON State Director Donald Ware, reports that a
gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous has taken 16 "amazingly clear and detailed"
polaroid photos of the object, as well as a Beta videotape. The object is reportedly
of the classic disk variety. Adding to the mystery, another anonymous photographer
sent his entire 35mm camera to a newspaper with undeveloped film inside. Whent
developed, the film showed the same object. Andrus says that efforts are being made
to coax the photographer out of the closet. He acknowledged that it could be the
same chap as the one who took the polaroids, but adds that there are several other
independent witnesses to the sightings.Other hotspots which seem to be flaring up
include the Texarkana, Arkansas, area, and parts of Michigan, Georgia, and (shades
of NIGHT SIEGE), the Hudson Valley. No one is declaring a UFO flap at this stage,
however, that may be partially due to caution by local MUFON investigators not to
muddy the waters with "copycat" reports.ParaNet will continue to keep you apprised
of developments. Watch this column for further information and updates.Letter from
Bob Lessels of NASA/Huntsville to UFO researcher John Andrews, regarding information
in SATURN4B.UFO.-------------------------------April 15, 1988Hi John:I'm afraid Mr.
Allen was mistaken. There were no S-IVB tests ever conducted at NSTL according to
the Apollo S-IVB Stage Program Manager and the historians here and at NSTL. The
only tests conducted there during the Apollo years involved the S-IC and S-II first
and second stages for the Saturn V. The S-IVB was the second stage of the Saturn
IB and the third stage of the Saturn V, all tests of which were conducted at the
Sacramento Test Facility out there in California. Sorry to draw a blank for you.
If you can get some more accurate data as to the Saturn stage being tested, I'll
run another check.Bob Lessels-------------------------------SEE ALSO: SATURN5B.UFO,
which contains updated information. An article published on April 24, 1988 in the
Flushing, Observer (Flushing,MI) dealing with "black helicopter" harrassments of MUFON
investigators. (Reprinted with permission)

From The Flushing Observer (Flushing, Michigan), Sunday, April 24, 1988.
[Reprinted with permission]
By Judith Karns, Observer Managing Editor
They say it isn't so: there ain't no such animal as a "flying saucer."
Even though our government spent a decade deeply enmeshed in
investigation, (Project Bluebook, Majestic 12), suddenly, one day, a
security lid was clamped so tight on the subjec t of extraterestrial
visitors (some even speculate them to be subterranean) that even the squeak
of a mouse couldn't get out. And with that lid came the "official" denial
of the phenomenon's existence.
Why, then, asks Flushing residents Shirley and George Coyne, state
directors of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network based in Seguin, Texas), should they
be singled out as subjects of what they call "intimidation", by what they
suspect might be the National Se curity Administration (NSA), one of our
country's more covert intelligence operations?

The Coynes had long been aware that their delving into the touchy
subject of UFO investigations could bring on some governmental attention;
they'd long heard stories from others who had been involved with the
subject for far more lengthy periods of time than they. But it wasn't
until Sunday, Jan. 10 of this year, at approximately 11:30 a.m., that they
were certain they were targets of some considerable curiosity.
The Coynes were in the bedroom of their two-bedroom mobile home.
Shirley was seated on the floor, George in a nearby chair. Reclined on the
bed was a woman deeply entranced by hypnotic suggestions brought on by
hypnotherapist Virginia Tilly who sat in another chair near the bed.
The scene wasn't an unusual one. The Coynes, through the course of
their investigations, often come in contact with subjects who have strong
suspicions that their UFO sightings amount to more than just an eyeball
perspective. And when this happens, "Ginny", a school teacher and
hypnotherapist from St. Joseph, is called in to assist in getting to the
bottom of the murky puddle of speculation.
According to Shirley, this particular regression session had been
arranged by two telephone calls, one to the subject and one to Ginny Tilly.
As Ginny questioned the regressed subject, in the far distance could
be heard the approach of a helicopter. From her vantage point on the floor,
Shirley had been entranced in her own way by the sequential flickers of
small, voice-activated red light s on Ginny's tape recorder.
At about the same time they became aware that the helicopter was not
simply passing by, Shirley became aware that the red lights on the recorder
had stopped. And not wishing to disturb the progression of the hypnosis,
she ran to an adjacent room to get her own recorder, which she activated.
It is on this recorder that the helicopter's approach to a hovering
position above their mobile home is recorded.
According to Ginny, the contents of her tape, before it was "shut off",
contained the subject's comments about the "hiders" who were at that very
minute approaching in "that helicopter", and she also provided a
description of the helicopter even tho ugh her eyes were closed and the
drapes were drawn. It was learned later that the subject had previous
experiences with such vehicles near her home in another part of the state.
And, "she named a time, a date, and a beach in Virginia where,
supposedly, aliens gave the U.S. government the technology to be able to
listen in (on private conversations)", said Ginny.
Meanwhile, George had gone to his car to retrieve his camera from the
trunk just as the helicopter hovered. Shirley joined him in time to see the
helicopter "tipped" down as it maneuvered away from them. Because of its
speedy exit, George was unable
to get a picture.
It is the Coynes' estimate that, though it did not directly hover again,
the vehicle circled the mobile home community during the duration of the
hypnotic regression, for approximately one to one and on half hours.
They described it as dull black, and large--at least four to six
passenger. (Other descriptions withheld at request of George and Shirley.)
The windows were tinted dark. George noted a "wire" which was visibly
draped from the rear of the helicopter to the front, and it was his
impression that it was some type of antenna.
Indeed, the hypnotized subject telephoned the Coynes some time later to
tell them she had forgotten one detail of the helicopter--what appeared to
be a wire connected from back to front.
"I was going to tell you something, but I don't think I'd better," said
Wright. And he went on to tell them that just prior to his call ringing
through, a man's voice came over the line, "as if someone had picked up an
extension in my own home. It w as a male voice--40ish--that said, "Just a
minute; I have to handle this,", as if he were somewhere tapping into their
line and was talking to someone else."
Wright says his initial impression was that the Coyne's line was tapped,
however he says, "It could have been my line rather than theirs. Their
phone had not rung yet."
Ginny Tilly, though she's certain her actions are monitored through such
means as telephone tapping, feels the situation is more one of curiosity
and information seeking rather than one of intimidation.
The Coynes have their own ideas on phone tapping, and take into strong
consideration their frequent (several each week) one-ring calls which
illicit nothing more than a dial tone on answering, and they have given
consideration to a bit of informatio n they've received regarding the
possibility that those rings are designed to activate a 'bug" (a hidden
listening device) in their home.
On March 29, the Coynes were ready to leave on a short trip of several
days duration. Before their departure, they made a telephone call to the
friend they were about to visit, to indicate that they were on their way.
They then proceeded to dirive s outhwest toward the state border.
As they neared Bancroft, on their way toward Lansing, Shirley suddenly
noticed a familiar sight--a black helicopter. It was hovering beyond an
overpass under which they had just driven.
At first, speculation was that coincidence had befallen them. However,
their concern mounted as they continued to drive and the helicopter
continued to stay in their sight, but too far away to be photographed.
George decided he wanted a closer look, and stopped the vehicle under an
overpass to remove his binoculars from the trunk.
The helicopter, which had continued on its way, suddently turned and came
back to pace them for a total of approximately 90 miles. It was the
helicopter's return that convinced them they were the subjects of no
On Tuedsday, April 5, the Coynes witnessed an unmarked black plane
circle their mobile home community, the incident possibly having some
connection to a disturbance with their microwave oven clock, which stopped,
and blinked constant at the time of the Coynes' sighting of the plane.
The Coynes' recording of the helicopter's initial visit to the
Flushing area has received some scrutiny from both an FAA (Federal Aviation
Administration) representative, and a member of the military.
Chuck Pine, an FAA aviation safety inspector out of Kent County
Airport, had occasion to hear the recording. He said, "It has a definite
'whoomp' me it sounded like a Huey." Pine was hesitant to be adamant
in his statement, but did concede th at the "Huey" type of air vehicle does
have a distinctive sound to it, and the recording did seem to contain that
sound. Pine is also a commercial pilot and former air traffic controller.
"I took the tape and drawing (Shirley's artistic rendition) to a fella
who's highly placed in the military," said Dan Wright. "He said, 'There's
no question in my mind; I'd stake my life on it being a Huey.'" Wright
said the information he obtained on the "Huey" (made by the Bell
Corporation) suggests that it is formilitary or intelligence use only, and
is not provided to the private orcorporate sector.
Wright's had some problems of his own lately. He has had reason to believe
the FBI was keeping a file on himself, and had requested, through the
Freedom of Information Act, a copy of that file.
However, before he received their response that they found nothing on him,
he experienced a nine-day period in which he received no mail. Wright
purposely waited an extended period of time before contacting the post
office, feeling that more credence could be lent to the situation if the
period of time exceeded one week.

Upon contacting the post office, he was told that he apparently had
gone on vacation, and that the letter carrier probably noticed that lhis
mailbox was full and simply held the mail back.
Wright's response to this was a confession that he had gone on vacation.
However, the mail delivery had stopped after his return. He did not have a
mailbox, but he did have a slot in his door, and the letter carrier could
not have determined how much mail had been stuffed into it. The mail was
promptly delivered.
This--what is happening to the Coynes--is very intimidating," said Wright.
"They want the Coynes to know they are being monitored. To me, it begins
and ends with all of the documents we have requested, and they don't want
an open discussion of the UFO issue.
"Whoever is doing this,....if they want to rattle cages, we are not
totally defenseless."
The No-Show - "Sho Me" Conference
The first "Sho Me" UFO Conference was held on October 21, 1989 at the
Harley Hotel, Earth City, Missouri. It was sponsored by the UFO Study Group
of Greater St. Louis and the Missouri Chapter of the Texas based Mutual UFO
Network. The "Sho Me" Conference should have been called the "No-Show" con-
For months, Bruce Widaman, MUFON State Director for Missouri, had been
teasing the people who attend the monthly meeting with the conference schedule.
He kept saying that there would be two "Mystery Guests", in addition to the
already known, publicized, speakers; one would remain un-named, the other
would be called "Snowbird". During this period he also stated that there
would be "new information never before released" disclosed at this conference.
I didn't really give any of this much thought at the time, one gets used to
games in Ufology, but in retrospect I see this as more than a little "idio-
syncrasy" on Widaman's part.
The first session was to begin at 8:45 AM with a little intro and then
go right into the "Mystery Guest Speaker". Well, the first "Mystery Speaker"
turned out to be Bill Moore of "maybe I am a disinformation agent or maybe I'm
not" fame; who also couldn't decide if he was coming or not...and didn't.
Seems his "car broke down" in Salt Lake City, Utah. But the word in the "inner
circle" is that he is angry with certain people in St. Louis regarding an
imagined insult published in the UFOSG newsletter, The Enigma (Oct. 89).
(Personally, I think the only mystery here is why anyone would ever invite
him to speak!) Luckily, Friedman stepped in and saved the morning; un-
fortunately he was unable to present his slides.
The afternoon session was a cliffhanger too. The first speaker was to
be Ted Phillips followed by Bob Oeschler. It became obvious there was a prob-
lem when Oeschler took Phillips' time slot. Oeschler's presentation was excel-
lent. He was enthusiastic and well prepared. He discussed the recent Russian
sighting, subliminal messages regarding ETs in the media and of course, Gulf
Breeze. He spoke for about two hours until abruptly booted from the stage at
4:35P to accomodate the now, 2 1/2 hour late, Ted Phillips. Phillips spent the
first five minutes apologizing and the remaining 20 (till the 5PM dinner break),
nostalgically reliving the early days of Ufology. He did manage to mention
that he now has a catalog of 4127 physical trace cases - not one of which did
he discuss - nor did he present one single slide. Not very impressive coming
from a man who deals in "hard" evidence and just happens to be a professional
photographer. Mercifully, his lack-luster, unprepared, uninformative talk
was short.
In keeping with the rest of the day, the evening session started late.
The audience was becoming more and more restless, anticipating the arrival of
"Snowbird" the second "mystery speaker". Widaman stepped to the podium, greeted
the audience (apologetically thanking them for attending yet another session of
the conference) and introduced the next speaker, John Schuessler. "But that
can't be `Snowbird'!", I heard a woman sitting in front of me say, "Who's this
guy?". There was absolutely no association made between Schuessler and Snow-
bird for the audience. Many came thinking that "Snowbird" was one of the no-
torious informant "birdmen" of UFO-LIVE fame...and I can't help but think that
that is exactly what the promoters of this conference wanted. There was con-
fusion in the audience and I sensed displeasure at what appeared to be another
switch in the program. But as Mr. Schuessler began his talk the audience
settled down and listened intently. Those of us who have been in the UFO
field for years are familiar with the Cash/Landrum case but to the new people
this was an aspect of UFOlogy they had never been exposed to. As he spoke and
showed slides of the victims the true horror of the case became evident. There
seemed to be a sadness in his voice as he spoke of the family and I thought
how lucky they were to have him on their side. Friedman finished up the
evening with essentially the same talk he gave in the morning...and on a local
radio program on Friday...and at the 1985 MUFON Symposium...and...and...
So we were again subjected to another MJ-12 rehash, but it was lively.
The evening ended with a panel discussion. Walt Andrus and all speakers
were present. Two non-speaker/attendees were included as well: Larry Bryant
and Len Stringfield.
Accolades should go to the members of the UFOSG, John and Peggy Ropollo,
Ken and Helen Hanke, Walter and Myrtle Palmer and Spenser Wolling who diligent-
ly staffed the sale and registration tables throughout the entire day. It was
through their efforts that the registration went smoothly and visitors had
books and other memorabilia to take home.
Hand slaps should go to MUFON State Director, Bruce Widaman and his PR
man Alex Horvat, (a.k.a. Alex "Bond"...that's right, as in "James") for the
misleading advertising used to promote this conference and to MUFON's Interna-
tional Director, Walt Andrus for sanctioning the charade.
To my knowledge, there was no "new" material presented as promised. This
conference was rehash, pure and simple. It would have been fine for people
who have NEVER been exposed to the subject before, but to deliberately mis-
lead seasoned Ufologists with the promise of "new information"; knowing who
your speakers are and what they will be speaking about borders on fraud. Per-
sonally, had I known the first speaker was to have been Moore, had I known
Phillips was going to be late, basically not there, had I known "Snowbird"
was Schuessler, I would not have gone and wasted my money. A little honesty
would have gone a LONG way. Maybe its time to start treating Ufology and
these conferences like the business they have become. If you don't get what
you pay for...demand your money back.

A Revival of the 61-Month Wave Theory

by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 161
Kirkland, Washington 98033
The Knowles family CE-II encounter with an ovoid-shaped UFO
on the Nullarbor Plateau in Western Australia January 20th was
right on target in terms of time and place, according to the
61-month wave cycle first proposed by Dr. David Saunders back in
1971. At least two other UFO encounters of major importance
occurred that same night in Australia and Tasmania. If the
indications are correct and this is not an isolated incident but
the beginnings of a major UFO wave, we will have to reconsider
the significance of this long-term prediction in terms of our
ability to predict and act upon the occurrence of this and
future UFO waves.

Dr. David Saunders first noticed the regularity in major
American UFO waves (1947, 1952, 1957 and 1967) in the early
months of 1971 while working with the UFOCAT computer catalog at
the University of Colorado. He determined that what
distinguished these UFO waves from other, possibly
publicity-generated UFO waves, was the shape of their
distributions. These were waves of UFO reports in which the
frequency of daily reports began building slowly, built to a
crescendo, and then diminished rapidly. These
negatively-skewed UFO waves occurred with a periodicity of five
years, or more accurately 61-months, with an accuracy in peak
prediction to within a day or so (1).

Furthermore, another characteristic of these five-year
waves was the progressively eastward movement of their loci of
activity. The first wave crested in July 1947 and occurred
predominantly in the Pacific and Mountain States. The 1952 wave
reached its peak in late August 1952 with the majority of
reports coming from Midwestern States. Each successive wave
appeared to move approximately 30 degrees east in longitude.
The absence of a 1962 wave was accounted for by a search of
South American references which revealed a Brazilian and
Argentinian UFO wave in September, and the 1967 wave--which
began on the Eastern seaboard of the United States--actually
crested in November of that year in England.

Saunders was able to make his first prediction that a major
UFO wave would occur in the vicinity of 30 degrees East
longitude and peak in December 1972 over a year prior to its
occurrence. This prediction was borne out by the occurrence of
a UFO wave in South Africa in late November. However, most
ufologists lost interest in the theory when the predicted waves
for 1977-78 and 1983 failed to materialize (so far as we can
tell). Both of these waves should have occurred in countries
controlled predominantly by governments unfriendly to the West.
Saunders continues to have faith in the theory and has offered a
consistent, convincing response to critics: that it is unfair
to judge the merits of the theory on what we may or may not hear
about from the Soviet Union.

According to calculations (see table below), the next great
UFO wave should occur between now and the beginning of March,
centered at 120 degrees East longitude. The Nullarbor Plain is
at approximately 127 degrees East longitude. The wave should
also unfold in the same characteristic manner as the earlier
waves, building slowly in intensity in the number of daily
reports and diminishing rapidly after reaching a peak.

Table 1

The 61-Month Wave Cycle and Corresponding UFO Waves

Predicted Actual Peak Predicted Actual
Date Date Longitude Location

July 1947 July 8, 1947 120o W Northwestern U.S.
Aug. 1952 Aug. 3, 1952 90o W Central and Eastern U.S.
Sep. 1957 Aug. 21, 1957 60o W Central and Eastern U.S.
Oct. 1962 Sep. 1962 30o W Brazil
Nov. 1967 Oct. 24, 1967 0o W Atlantic, England
Dec. 1972 Nov. 1972 30o E South Africa
Jan. 1978 ? 60o E ?
Feb. 1983 ? 90o E ?
Mar. 1988 Feb. 1988(?) 120o E Australia(?)

A corrollary to the Saunders' spatio-temporal wave theory
is that physical evidence cases should occur at approximately
the same time world-wide; thus, if the Australian close
encounters continue to occur during the pre-dawn hours, we
should expect U.S. CE-II cases to occur in the evening hours
between 4 and 10 p.m., since the United States and Australia
have a time difference of some 8 to 11 hours.

We shall soon see if new evidence merits the revival of
an old theory.

(1) Saunders, D.R. (1976). A spatio-temporal invariant for
major UFO waves. In N. Dornbos (ed.), Proceedings of the 1976
CUFOS Conference. Evanston, IL: Center for UFO Studies.
by Jim Speiser
As I have stated before on many occasions, the idea that abduction
experiences represent objectively real encounters with extraterrestrials
represents an hypothesis, one that must be evaluated and weighed against
other hypotheses or alternative "explanations." In terms of true scientif-
ic objectivity, no one hypothesis has any more weight than any other un-
less it can be shown to be more consistent with our knowledge and with all
the pertinent facts. A psychological explanation is no more valid than any
other simply by virtue of having been proposed by a more mainstream psych-
ologist; it must prove itself on the weight of the evidence. Occam's ra-
zor, however, dictates that more mundane, less extravagant explanations
must be evaluated and discarded before we can fully accept the more outre'
scenarios into the hallowed halls of "knowledge." You have to start some-
Abduction specialists such as Budd Hopkins have long paid much lip-
service to their efforts to investigate the more subjective explanations
such as delusion or fantasy, and so I am curious as to how he and they
will react to the article in the Winter 1987/88 edition of the Skeptical
Inquirer, entitled "The Aliens Among Us: Hypnotic Regression Revisited,"
by University of Kentucky psychologist Robert A. Baker. While the article
is flawed in many respects, it compensates by offering the hypothesis
outlined in the following extract:
If these abductees were given...intensive diagnostic testing it
is highly likely that many similarities would emerge--particularly
an unusual personality pattern that Wilson and Barber (1983) have
categorized as "fantasy-prone." In an important but much neglected
article, they report in some detail their discovery of a group of
excellent hypnotic subjects with unusual fantasy abilities. In their

Although this study provided a broader understanding of the kind
of life experiences that may underlie the ability to be an ex-
cellent hypnotic subject, it has also led to a serendipitous
finding that has wide implications for all of psychology -- it
has shown that there exists a small group of individuals (pos-
sibly 4% of the population) who fantasize a large part of the
time, who typically "see," "hear," "smell," and "touch" and
fully experience what they fantasize; and who can be labeled
fantasy-prone personalities.

<< Wilson and Barber also stress that such individuals experience a
reduction in orientation to time, place, and person that is charac-
teristic of hypnosis or trance during their daily lives whenever
they are deeply involved in a fantasy. They also have experiences
during their daily ongoing lives that resemble the classical hypno-
tic phenomena. In other words, the behavior we would normally call
"hypnotic" is exhibited by these fantasy-prone types (FPs) all the
time. In Wilson and Barber's words: "When we give them 'hypnotic
suggestions,' such as for visual and auditory hallucinations, nega-
tive hallucinations, age regression, limb rigidity, anesthesia, and
sensory hallucinations, we are asking them to do for us the kind of
thing they can do independently of us in their daily lives."

<< The reason we do not run into these types more often is that
they have learned long ago to be highly secretive and private about
their fantasy lives. Whenever the FPs do encounter a hypnosis situa-
tion it provides them with a social situation in which they are en-
couraged to do, and are rewarded for doing, what they usually do on-
ly in secrecy and in private. Wilson and Barber also emphasize that
regression and the reliving of previous experiences is something
that virtually all the FPs do naturally in their daily lives. When
they recall the past, they relive it to a surprisingly vivid extent,
and they all have vivid memories of their experiences extending back
to their early years.

While there are many aspects of the abduction syndrome left unex-
plained by this scenario, it appears to be a description of a personality
type that is consistent with some of the more famous "abductees," such as
Whitley Streiber. While researching his two books, Budd Hopkins retained
the expertise of psychologist Aphrodite Clamar, who administered psycho-
logical evaluation tests to nine abduction percipients, all of whom proved
to be normal, sane individuals. The point Baker makes, however, is that
these FPs ARE ALSO SANE, and would no doubt pass such a test. He further
claims that there are more stringent tests designed to weed out such FPs,
and I maintain that, in the interest of true scientific objectivity, it is
incumbent upon researchers such as Hopkins to arrange to have such a test
administered to another group of abduction claimants. We have been provid-
ed with an earthly alternative; we owe it to the public, to the skeptics,
to other researchers, and to the claimants themselves (who Hopkins claims
are actually quite fearful of the ETH) to investigate fully this new pos-
There is another, admittedly more selfish and spiteful reason to
objectively evaluate the "FPH." Baker, typical of many CSICOP "hit-men,"
has succumbed to snobbery and unabashedly claims the intellectual high
ground in his article. He was doing just fine until his "Consequences and
Summary" section. Some quotes typify his attitude: "Need we be concerned
about an invasion of little gray kidnappers? Amused, yes. Concerned, no."
"Should we take Streiber, Hopkins, Kinder, et al. seriously? Not really."
"Tolerance IS the mark of a civilized mind." Well, BLESS you, Prof. Baker.
You seem to forget, however, that YOUR hypothesis has not been tested,
either, and consequently you have as yet no legitimate claim to being
"right." And as I stated before, your article is flawed. It doesn't take
into account the physical evidence, such as scarring, landing traces, and
"exoglyphic exemplars." It relies heavily on generalizations and quoting
of previous studies which only tangentially impact the abduction scenario.
And it weakly waves off the marked similarities between abduction ac-
If testing of the FPH should provide a clear indication that a psych-
ological explanation is warranted, I fully expect abduction researchers to
acknowledge that their hypothesizing of alien intervention stands on weak-
ened legs. If, however, the results of such testing show no such correla-
tion, I would appreciate it if Prof. Baker and other debunkers would
propose solutions in a more detached, even-handed, level-headed manner
more becoming of the TRULY civilized. Failing this, I would appreciate it
if they would kindly shutup.
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SOVIET1.TXT - "UFOs And Security"
- by Alexsandr Kuzovkin and Alexsandr Semyonov
Note: The following article was excerpted from the No.6, June, 1989
issue of "Soviet Military Review", which along with English is
translated into about a dozen other languages.
- Tom Mickus 11/20/89
-Benjamin S. Mapurisa
Since 1947, when American citizen Kenneth Arnold saw from his
plane strange glimmering objects in the mountains, the world has been
talking about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). The appearance of
UFOs is from time to time reported in newspapers and magazines, radio
and television. They are all analysed by scientists.
On August 25, 1966 a USAF officer working on Minuteman missile
in North Dakota saw that his radio had stopped functioning. He was 18
metres down in the concrete silo. The ground crew reported that they
saw a UFO which was alternately descended and climbed and interference
disappeared. And then it started to land. When a group of soldiers
dispatched to the landing site 16 kilometres from the silo, interference
broke its radio contact with command. It was suggested that during the
1966-1967 period of UFO activity, the UFOs visited also the Titan silos.
Experts were concerned over their electromagnetic effects, that might b
capable of influencing the electric equipment of combat missiles.
In the autumn of 1974, a metal disk some 100 metres across
approached a South Korean anti-aircraft shore battery. The commander
launched a Hawk guided missile which was immediately shot down by a
"white ray" from the UFO. The second ray was directed at the battery,
melting the remaining two Hawk missiles into an unrecognisable mass.
The investigation of the UFO problem was launched in the US by
the military. In 1974, (sic) on orders from the Air Force commander,
they started Project Sign. The Air Technical Intelligence Centre was
responsible for research. Back in February 1953, head of the anti-
aircraft committee of the continent General Benjamin Chidlow stated:
"We have a great mass of reports about flying saucers. We regard this
very seriously, because we have lost many people and many aircraft which
have attempted to attack UFOs."
Project Sign was subsequently renamed Grudge and then Fang. But
it is better known under the name Project Blue Book.
In 1954 the French Ministry of the Armed Forces established a
department to collect information about UFOs. In 1977 the French
National Space Research Centre created a group of experts to study
unidentified aerospace phenomenon, GEPAN.
In 1960-1970, public organisations studying UFOs mushroomed
throughout the world, notably in Bulgaria, Denmark, West Germany and
Mexico. Later UFO fever spread to Canada, Britain, Japan, China and
other countries.
In the autumn of 1978, the First Committee of the 33rd UN
General Assembly discussed the question of launching international UFO
research. The discussion was based on ICUFON Memorandum, a public US
organisation studying UFOs. It provided a wealth of information on
the military-technical and military-political aspect of the problem.
Afterwards, though, information on UFO research in the West dwindled.
The press published only distorted and superficial information about
UFOs. At that time, the US launched the Strategic Defence Initiative
The study of UFOs in the Soviet Union started in 1958 by a group
of enthusiasts led by Feliks Zigel, assistant professor at the Moscow
Aviation Institute and the founder of UFOlogy in the Soviet Union. In
the mid-1970s, information about UFOs was collected by the Institute of
Earth Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Waves, led by Vladimir Migulin,
corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1984, a
commission to study anomalous phenomena, led by Vsevolod Troitsky,
corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, was established
at the national scientific and technological society of nature protection.
In April last year, Tomsk hosted a conference on sporadic instant
phenomena, which rallied more than 300 scientists and experts from major
scientific centres of the Soviet Union. The conference recommended that
the Siberian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences draft a comphrehensive
programme for the study of the problem.
Many Soviet and foreign scientists tried to present the UFO
phenomenon as a natural thing, such as optical atmospheric effects,
flocks of birds, rare astronomical phenomena, meteorites, luminous
insects, frauds, weather balloons, aircraft, missle launches, streams
of space particles, clusters of light, ball lightning, luminous pollutants,
Polar lights, etc.
According to the USSR Academy of Sciences, some 90-95% of UFO
reports are a result of such causes or a combination of them. But the
remaining share constitutes tens of thousands of unexplained phenomena.
The main "positive" version have been the idea of extra-terrestrials.
Despite its great popularity, it has not been unequivocally supported
by scientists. The most promising today is the idea of the plasma origin
of the UFO phenomenon. In 1984, scientists Aleksei Dmitriyev and Viktor
Zhuravlyov from Novosibirsk advanced a theory of the plasma origin of
the Tungus phenomenon. As is known, the culmination of that unique event
in Siberia in 1908 was a 40-megaton air explosion. There are reasons to
believe that the Tungus phenomenon and UFOs have a common origin.
We believe that so far the study of UFOs has not paid due heed to
some specific features, as well as the mechanism of human perception of
the world around us. Frequency parameters of UFOs and the limited speed
of processing information in the eye-brain system breed so-called
metaphoric deformities. Eye-witnesses see not the object itself but
their own individual or accepted idea of it.
Proof of this is the historical mimicry of UFOs' outlook and
special photographing. Research by foreign and Soviet experts show
that there are, in the atmosphere and at the Earth's surface, certain
plasma formations, different in form, size, colour and frequency. Most
often, they are registered in the ultraviolet part of the spectre. These
unseen formations, which, however, can be felt, often appear to act
systematically and even "reasonably."
Successful study of UFOs is impossible without considerable
expansion of our views of the world. The idea of a multi-dimensional
and multi-layered Universe, parallel or intertwined physical worlds
were voiced by major scientists, notably Paul Ehrenfest, Konstantin
Tsiolkovski, Aleksandr Friedman, Anatoly Logunov, and Dmitry Blokhintsev.
Materialising the principles of the new political thinking, the
Soviet Union is actively working for universal security and disarmament.
Against this background, the world public cannot but be worried by the
US carrying on with the SDI programme. This ballistic missile defence
is designed to control outer space and destroy near-earth, air and space
targets. Any system can be effective only if it is managed by super-quick
computer systems. It is most important here to correctly identify
targets. So, corresponding computer cells must "know" what signal
characteristics of the object it is tracking can make it a potential
We believe that lack of information on the characteristics and
influence of UFOs increase the threat of incorrect identification. Then
mass transition of UFOs along trajectories close to those of combat
missiles could be regarded by computers as an attack.
In the autumn of 1960, all bombers at the Trevis Air Force base
in the United States were put on red alert for an attack against the
Soviet Union after the base radars detected "targets" flying via the
North Pole to the US territory. Suddenly the "targets" disappeared
from the screen, and were later explained as "radar reflections of the
In SDI conditions such incidents could provoke immediate reaction
from computers to destroy the "targets," say, by an X-ray laser, which
means a powerful nuclear explosion. Or SDI computers could order a
counter-attack, which might prove unwarranted. It should be remembered
that decisions will be taken not by people but by impartial computers
which "know nothing of UFOs." There would be no time to determine the
cause of the conflict then, but those who are creating SDI should think
about it now.
The UFO problem remains unsolved. It is difficult to predict what
would have happened if an incident similar to the Tungus one happened in
Europe, America or any other region of local conflicts. Back in 1968,
Feliks Zigel, the main Soviet researcher of the problem, said: "The
subject and aims of UFO research are sufficiently important to justify
any effort. Understandably, international cooperation is vitally needed
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Sb: APn 05/05 0214 Reagan-Space Invaders
Copyright, 1988. The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
By TERENCE HUNT AP White House Correspondent
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Reagan says he wonders what would happen if the
Earth were invaded by "a power from outer space," and imagines that it would
unite all nations of the world in a common defense.
He made the comment Wednesday in Chicago during a question-and-answer
session after a speech about human rights and the Soviet Union.
His telling of the story followed one day after the disclosure that Nancy
Reagan has consulted an astrologer about the president's schedule and travel
plans. Several members of Congress chided Reagan about the use of astrology and
a group of scientists complained that it was a discredited practice.
Reagan, asked what he felt was the most vital factor in international
relations, spoke of the importance of frankness and about a desire for peaceful
He went on to say that there had been "about 114 wars" since World War II,
including conflicts between smaller nations.
"But I've often wondered, what if all of us in the world discovered that we
were threatened by an outer -- a power from outer space, from another planet,"
Reagan said.
"Wouldn't we all of a sudden find that we didn't have any differences
between us at all, we were all human beings, citizens of the world, and
wouldn't we come together to fight that particular threat?" the president
The president found an analogy in the threat of nuclear destruction.
"In a way, we have something of that kind today, mentioning nuclear power
again. We now have a weapon that can destroy the world, and why don't we
recognize that threat more clearly and then come together with one aim in mind,
how safely, sanely and quickly can we rid the world of this threat to our
civilization and our existence?"
The comment drew applause from the audience, a nonpartisan group that
specializes in foreign policy and national security issues, the National
Strategy Forum.
As his next summit with Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev approaches,
Reagan has been emphasizing the need for arms control in particular and for
cooperation among nations in general.
In light of his past anti-Soviet rhetoric, he offered startling praise for
Gorbachev during his speech Wednesday, saying the Soviet leader's reform
programs are "of tremendous significance."
"It is my belief that there is hope for further change, hope that in the
days ahead the Soviets will grant further recognition to the fundamental civil
and political rights of all," Reagan said.

A Dialogue with a former member of the Intelligence Community
This summer, while on vacation back to my families residence, I encountered a
family friend that I had not seen since 1973. For obvious reasons I will not
identify him, but for this record will call him "Paul". Paul is retired from
over 30 years of distinguished government service, is a widower, and is one of
the most closed mouthed men I have ever known. When I first came back from
Viet Nam in 1972, I saw Paul at a family get together, and even though he was
just back from South East Asia, he never mentioned it. I found out through his
brother. When I went back east, I had taken a number of text files from my
records, for my sister, who is fascinated by the subject of UFO's. It so
happened that one evening, my sister and I and wife and another friend, Bob,
were sitting outside my mothers house, and were discussing several of the
files that I had taken back. Paul stopped out at the house, as he was going
to a function with his sister and my mother. He sat down on the patio with
us, and as usual, did not say much. My sister was reading the file concerned
with the Majestic 12 papers and making some comments, that if this file was
for real, the implications of alien contact could be staggering for the world
if verified. At this point Paul leaned forward and asked if he could see the
papers. My sister passed several of the texts to him, and until he left, he
spent the remainder of his time reading them. Just before he left, he got me
off to the side, and asked how I was involved with UFO's. I told him that I
was an investigator for MUFON, and was involved with a computer network system
with Paranet. This was the first of several conversations I had with Paul,
and I don't ask anyone to believe it, because, frankly, I have problems with
several things he told me. And you may wonder why Paul would tell me
anything, considering his government service, and the agency he worked for.
To begin with, Paul is very ill, the last time I spoke with him, he told me
that he doesn't expect to be around for more than 18 months, maximum. Next,
he told me that he never agreed with all the secrecy that surrounded the
government and the subject of UFO's. And lastly, what he hinted at was
actually occuring seemed to haunt him. As he said, there wasn't a hell of a
lot that even the government was able to do about the situation. I present
the following, and you can make up your own mind about whether to believe or
This summer past ( 1988 ) was the 20th reunion of my High School. This
was the reason that I traveled back, and besides, my wife is in love with the
east coast. While back, I became ill, and ended up spending almost two weeks
in the hospital. Paul came and visited me, and this is how we ended having
the several conversations that we had.
Paul at first asked if I realized what dangers were present in the subject of
UFO's. I said "No", but I had heard rumors that this could be the case. He
said you damned betcha it could. "If you stumbled over the right
information you could end up among the missing, and Don, this sure as hell
wouldn't be the first time."
I asked him how he came to know so much about the subject, and he said with
the job he held, it was his business to know about a lot of things. I then
said come on Paul, I had dealings with spooks while in Viet Nam, so don't try
that line on me. He told me then, that this was to his knowledge, still one of
the most highly classified subjects in the intelligence community . That
brought to mind the "Smith Memo" from the 50's, and I relayed it to Paul. I
mentioned that Smith had stated that the subject of UFO's had been rated
higher than the H bomb, and in perspective, was this still the case? Pauls
reply follows, and for the purposes of this file, I have condensed into one
session our talks.
In the 40's, when the "flying saucer" scare started, the military and
government were concerned that it was possible that the Soviets had made a
breakthrough in technology with their German scientists, that our German
scientists had not been able to duplicate. It then became evident that this
technology was above and beyond what we were able to achieve, so the
phenomenon had to come from outside. For a while there was a deadlock as to
what to do, but then apparently the military was able to secure one of the
craft. I asked Paul if he meant Roswell, and he only smiled. He said to read
the MJ 12 stuff again, that there were enough facts to get an idea of what he
was talking about. After that, it was apparent that the technology was well
above what we were capable of. There were fears among certain people that
this could be the prelude to invasion, or possibly even worse. Others saw
this as a straight shot to technology that we couldn't even dream of, and to
exploit everything we could out of it. Paul stated that there was a genuine
fear that if the Soviets could get one of these, and exploit it, the United
States would be in deep excrement. There was a "think tank" that was set up,
and the decision for secrecy was understandable in that scenario. Many of
these craft were flying over nuclear installations, and one thought at the
time was that they could be after uranium among other things, if they were, as
believed then, coming from a "dying" planet. I asked if at that time, were
they considered to be benign, and Paul said yes, they were, but then several
things happened to change that idea. He would not elaborate, so I mentioned
the Mantell incident, and he said that is the most well known case, but there
were others, and some very bizarre.
The think tank that was set up in the 40's were concerned that some of these
cases would become public knowledge, and they still remembered the "War of the
Worlds" scare that Wells threw into the public in 1938. They did not want a
panic that could affect the nations security, commerce, industry, finances
and so forth. The result was to debunk the whole damn thing, and hope it
would either go away, or they could solve it in time before it did become
public knowledge.
I asked Paul about several cases that I read about in "Clear Intent", one of
them being the Cuban Jet Incident. Paul said that he had heard about that, he
wouldn't say much, but this is not the only case where one of these objects
had shot down aircraft, "and it didn't all happen outside the U. S. either".
"Look", he said, "if you were out in a very primitive area, and were lost, or
hungry, or what ever, and came across a primitive native tribe, and I mean
compared to you, really primitive, would you trade with them, or take what
you needed, food, women, whatever, IF YOU WERE VERY AMORAL?" "Look, if in
this case, you regard these natives as less than dirt, and the only thing they
have in common is that they have what you NEED." You are familiar with the
animal mutilations aren't you? Many people think that this was a government
sponsored operation, testing chemicals or something. Well, it wasn't, and
farm animals are not the only thing that has been tested. The guys I know
that are still active have said that right now, is one of the biggest "UFO
flaps" that they have ever heard of, and there is a lot of concern as to how
long it can be kept secret.
I hated to break in on Paul when he was talking this freely, but had to ask
about the reported astronaut sightings. Yes, there were sightings on damn
near all the "shots", and it was always feared that the news services would
pick up on some of the reports. We did a damn good job of damage control
though. "Well Paul, what about reports that these things have been seen on
the moon?" I asked. "Yes" he said, "they have been seen there, and some of
this has come out, so I don't think I am breaking any oaths, but , haven't you
asked yourself why after all the billions of dollars that we had spent to get
to the moon, after the early 70's No one, us or the Russians, have gone near
the place." Yes, I admitted, I had wondered why, and then asked him if he
knew why. Paul just smiled and then pointed to the file that contained the
Lear Text. "You know", he said, "this guy has hit pretty close on several
points, and I wonder if anyone has approached him?" I asked what he meant,
and he looked at me and said "Don, you know what I mean, and after all, if a
lot of the general public became aware of this, they would scream like a
mashed cat, and demand to know what the hell the government is doing about it.
The problem is, there are some that still think that they can control events
and keep a lid on this, and others that know we are way in over our head and
are looking for a way out." Alright then, what are these things, where do
they come from, and what DO they want? I must have looked pretty exasperated
then, and Paul looked at me and gave me kind of what I thought was a sad
smile. "Don" he said, "I don't know where they come from, as to what they
are, they are very different, and as to what they want, you are gonna sleep a
lot better if I just go." And he did leave then.
I haven't talked to Paul since I got back home, and just several days ago, I
got word that he had a heart attack and is in very poor condition. I have
wondered about a lot of what he said, and have decided that in lieu of keeping
the whole thing to myself, I would put it on my word processor, and then make
a decision whether to release it or not.
Paul had stated on several occasions that this subject had the potential to be
be very dangerous, and to be careful of pursuing it. "With access to the
right information, if it became known, people have disappeared." I don't
think he was just trying to scare me, the guy had been a professional
intelligence agent for longer than I have been alive, and I am sure he knew a
hell of a lot more about this, than I would even want to. He had mentioned
several things, that even now I hesitate to put down, but the thing that
inclines me to accept what he said, was knowing a bit of what kind of man he
was, he seemed haunted and scared.
Well, in light of several things that have occured recently, with the "New and
Improved" BlueBook, which I might add I distrust wholeheartedly, the meltdown
within MUFON, the continuing "flap" that doesn't show any signs of slowing
down, much less stopping, and the fragmented community of UFO investigators, I
discussed this with my better half, and have decided to throw it out, and see
where it landed. Take it for what it is worth, and remember, I have just
relayed what I was told, and I did warn you up front that this was almost
beyond belief.
Anyone with any additional information is requested to contact me in care of
Paranet RHO at 1-208-338-9187.
Don F. Ecker-State
Section Director
MUFON, for the state of Idaho.
Star Name: Distance (Light years) Luminosity (Sun=1) Spectrum
Tau Ceti 11.8 0.4 G8
82 Eridani 20.2 0.7 G5
Zeta Tucanae 23.3 0.8 G2
107 Piscium 24.3 0.4 K1
Beta Comae Berenices 27.2 1.2 G0
61 Virginis 27.4 0.8 G6
Alpha Mensae 28.3 0.6 G5
Gliese 75 28.6 0.4 K0
Beta Canum Venaticorim 29.9 1.4 G0
Chi Orionis 32.0 1.5 G0
54 Piscium 34.0 0.4 K0
Zeta 1 Reticuli 37.0 0.7 G2
Zeta 2 Reticuli 37.0 0.9 G2
Gliese 86 37.0 0.4 K0
Mu Arae 37.0 0.9 G5
Gliese 67 38.0 1.2 G2
Gliese 668.1 40.0 0.4 G9
Gliese 302 41.0 0.6 G8
Gliese 309 41.0 0.4 K0
Kappa Fornacis 42.0 1.3 G1
58 Eridani 42.0 0.9 G1
Zeta Doradus 44.0 2.0 F8
55 Cancri 44.0 0.7 G8
47 Ursa Majoris 44.0 1.5 G0
Gliese 364 45.0 1.8 G0
Gliese 599A 45.0 0.6 G6
Nu Phoenicis 45.0 1.8 F8
Gliese 95 45.0 0.5 G5
Gliese 796 47.0 0.5 G8
20 Leo Minoris 47.0 1.2 G4
39 Tauri 47.0 0.8 G1
Gliese 290 47.0 0.4 G8
Gliese 59.2 48.0 1.0 G2
Psi Aurigae 49.0 1.5 G0
Gliese 722 49.0 0.9 G4
Gliese 788 49.0 0.8 G5
Nu 2 Lupi 50.0 1.1 G2
14 Herculis 50.0 0.5 K1
Pi Ursa Majoris 51.0 1.2 G0
Phi 2 Ceti 51.0 1.8 F8
Gliese 641 52.0 0.5 G8
Gliese 97.2 52.0 0.4 K0
Gliese 541.1 53.0 0.6 G8
109 Piscium 53.0 0.8 G4
Gliese 651 53.0 0.4 G8
Gliese 59 53.0 0.4 G8
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21-Apr-88 07:56:23
Sb: #"Stealth"y UFOs
Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11
To: All
I'm sure most of you are aware that the Air Force released information about
the new Stealth bomber yesterday. Based on the information they presented,
one could suggest that some (many?) of the UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley
(again, Kudos to Phil I. for the excellent documentation on the subject)
could, in fact, be Stealth sightings.
Most interesting is the shape of the bomber -- it is a flying wing. You
could, without streching things, call it a flying boomerang. The design does
remind one of the UFOs observed.
This message is not an argument that the sightings in the Hudson Valley were,
in fact, Stealth sightings. I'm just pointing out some parallels...
-- charles
* Replies: 138024, 138051
#: 138024 S10/Paranormal Issues
21-Apr-88 10:03:30
Sb: #138018-#"Stealth"y UFOs
Fm: Michael H. Surabian 75130,15
To: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 (X)
Hi! Have been follwing this forum for a few months and have read most of the
available info in Dl and many of the books discussed. Living in Central MA I
had hoped to be hearing of the sightings or some other activity moving up this
way. Did the Air Force release any info on the capabilities of the Stealth
Bomber in question? I must admit that if this could be an explanation, I'm
really disappointed. Had hoped for something more... ceslestial(?).
* Replies: 138029, 138041
#: 138029 S10/Paranormal Issues
21-Apr-88 13:28:50
Sb: #138024-"Stealth"y UFOs
Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11
To: Michael H. Surabian 75130,15 (X)
Not much. They claim that they will have the first units delivered later on,
although, clearly, they've have prototypes since one of them has already
If this is the explanation, there's a lot of facts that have to be explained
away that don't readily fit in. (Like the hovering and strange reversal of
-- charles
#: 138051 S10/Paranormal Issues
21-Apr-88 18:26:33
Sb: #138018-#"Stealth"y UFOs
Fm: Sysop David Bush 76701,75
To: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 (X)
There was a piece on All Things Considered today suggesting that this whole
story was part of an Air Force disinformation campaign. The suggestion was
the the stealth plane acutally looks more like the Revelle model than the
drawing that the Air Force showed.
* Reply: 138053
#: 138053 S10/Paranormal Issues
21-Apr-88 19:51:30
Sb: #138051-#"Stealth"y UFOs
Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11
To: Sysop David Bush 76701,75 (X)
It would seem odd that they showed what was, at best, an "artist's impression"
of the plane. If they're that near to delivery, then they should have very
good computerized drawings of the plane, not to mention scale models.
You raise an interesting point!
* Reply: 138073
#: 138073 S10/Paranormal Issues
22-Apr-88 00:41:16
Sb: #138053-#"Stealth"y UFOs
Fm: Gerry Zeitlin 71605,2013
To: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 (X)
Maybe the reason they only released a vague sketch is that they don't intend
to let anyone get a close look at it, for as long as it can be avoided,
because details of its shape are so critical to stealth technology, and we may
be ahead of "the other side" in this technology.
This would mean that the Hudson Valley boomerang could not be a stealth
bomber. Another reason for its not being a stealth bomber is that a populated
area like that would be a poor choice for conducting flight tests.
Arguing against this line of reasoning is the fact that spy satellites could
easily resolve the shape as soon as one flies
* Reply: 138084
#: 138084 S10/Paranormal Issues
22-Apr-88 06:28:20
Sb: #138073-#"Stealth"y UFOs
Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11
To: Gerry Zeitlin 71605,2013 (X)
At least one has flown, insofar as at least one has already crashed.
I agree completely about Westchester being inappropriate for flight tests. It
would be unlikely that they would do so. On the other hand, one could argue
that it is at least equally unlikely that UFOs are the cause of all sightings,
-- charles
* Reply: 138166
#: 138166 S10/Paranormal Issues
23-Apr-88 17:38:15
Sb: #138084-#"Stealth"y UFOs
Fm: Gerry Zeitlin 71605,2013
To: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 (X)
I've just been reading Phil's update in file NIGHT, in which he gives numerous
descriptions of the flight characteristics, size, and look of this boomerang
affair. (I'm still trying to cover the current literature in this UFO scene,
after having given up following it, in frustration, several years ago. I
haven't read _Night Siege_ yet.) You know, there's no point trying to make
the stealth bomber explain what people are reporting. It's an aircraft after
all, and it's not going to hover over people's houses and shine down strange
lights. Furthermore, this activity has apparently been going on for years
now. Could the stealth bomber have been undergoing flight tests all that
time, in a populated area no less, with the Air Force only now releasing a
sketch of it?
* Reply: 138171
#: 138171 S10/Paranormal Issues
23-Apr-88 18:55:54
Sb: #138166-"Stealth"y UFOs
Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11
To: Gerry Zeitlin 71605,2013 (X)
It would seem unlikely. Almost as unlikely, one is tempted to say, as it all
being caused by extraterrestial beings.
-- charles
#: 138180 S10/Paranormal Issues
24-Apr-88 09:10:50
Fm: PHIL 76636,44
* Reply: 138210
16-Oct-87 12:05 MST
Sb: APnv 10/15 2240 Stealth Missing
LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) -- An Air Force plane that Pentagon sources said was a
top-secret Stealth fighter crashed in a rugged desert area, killing the pilot.
A Pentagon official in Washington who asked not to be named described the
missing plane as a Stealth fighter, similar to the plane that crashed in 1986 in
The source refused to discuss the conditions under which the plane crashed
and it could not be learned immediately whether the plane was on a training
exercise or a flight test.
Nellis Air Force Major Victor Andrijauskas said the pilot was killed when the
plane crashed on the Nellis Air Force Gunnery range about 8:45 p.m. Wednesday.
The crash was about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas and 50 miles south of a
secret air base where the Air Force is known to test the Stealth fighter.
A dispatcher for the Bureau of Land Management said the BLM was notified of a
fire in the area Wednesday night, and called the Air Force, which operates the
sprawling range facility. The dispatcher, who refused to give her name, said Air
Force officials asked the BLM not to say where the fire was or how big it was.
Andrijauskas refused to say what kind of plane crashed, but said the pilot
was the only crew member aboard. He said emergency crews responded and secured
the area.
"We have personnel on the scene," said Andrijauskas.
The spokesman said the pilot was assigned to Nellis, but refused to say what
fighter wing he was attached to. Nellis is the largest fighter wing training
facility in the United States.
A plane believed to be a Stealth fighter crashed in July 1986 in the western
Sierra Nevada, touching off a 150-acre brushfire in Sequoia National Park. The
crash occurred about 12 miles northeast of Bakersfield, Calif. Air Force guards
carrying rifles and pistols barred people from that crash site.
The F-19 fighter known as the Stealth has been described as an experimental
aircraft using the latest electronic technology, materials and aerodynamic
design to foil radar and infared sensors.
The Air Force has said it will buy 750 of the proposed advanced tactical
fighters, which will be high-technology planes slated to become the mainstay of
the U.S. air defense system through the mid-21st century.
Reports have long circulated that the Air Force tests a squadron of 50
Stealth fighter jets under Nellis auspices at the Tonopah air field about 200
miles northwest of the base.
Recently, a two-mile air strip was lengthened at the small base, and small,
individual hardened hangars were built along the base's flight line.
Residents in the Tonopah area said previously that the flight line remains
quiet during the day. But at night, the desert erupts with an almost constant
thunder of takeoffs and landings at the base.
The Tonopah base is on the northern tip of the Nellis range, which covers
about 3 million acres of desert and mountain areas, and borders on three sides
the Nevada Test Site, where nuclear weapons tests are conducted.

Copyright 1987 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.
William M. Steinman is an independent UFO researcher
and investigator, and co-author of "UFO Crash At Aztec"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"I honestly believe that there are strong
religious implications in this entire phenomena"

- William M. Steinman (in a letter dated 01/19/89)
This is based on:

(1) My own strong convictions.
(2) A statement made by Dr. Edward Teller in Dallas, Texas in 1986.
When confronted by a friend of his on the origin of saucers, He
said, "I can't tell you that; but keep your eyes and ears on the
Mid-East situation."
(3) Jerold D. Miller, civilian scientist at the Airforce Office of
Technology, Kirtland AFB (his name appeared at the bottom of the
Aquarius Telex). He is a very religious man, and stated that "The
Book of Revelation" in the Bible, contains the Answer to the UFO
(4) George Nicholes, old blind man, son of a scientist who worked at
Wright-Patterson in the late 40's stated that the Anti-Christ and
Book of Revelation held the key to the mystery.
"...I can go on and on with different persons such as John Lear,
Linda Howe, Tommy R. Blann, John Reynolds, and etc. who expressed
the religious ties to the phenomena."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"...My own statement concerning the UFO situation."
- William M. Steinman 01/19/89
Ultimate Solutions To The UFO Phenomena
The UFO or Flying Saucer Phenomena is a very complex problem
which can be simplified by summing it up as follows:
(1) The Flying Saucers originate from an "eternal dimension", not
subject to space and time, as we know it.
(2) The Flying Saucers "materialize" out of this "eternal dimension"
into our space time frame, and have been doing so since time
(3) There is a direct relationship between "The Great Secret" of the
Occult teachings, "The Mystery of Iniquity" of the Bible, and the
Flying Saucer Phenomena.
(4) The "Dark Forces" of the Occult, summed up as Satan (Lucifer) in
the Bible, is the underlying source behind the Flying Saucer
(5) The "Dark Forces" are motivating and influencing the so called
"conspiracy Groups", who really control every world Government,
through their various Intelligence Agencies.
(6) There does exist in the United States, an alliance between the
"materialization" of these "Dark Forces" posing as "Alien Beings"
and a high level Intelligence group, presumably "MJ-12", who in
turn operates through the N.S.A., C.I.A., F.B.I., D.I.A., etc.
(7) There do exist Above-Top-Secret "saucer bases" in remote portions
of the United States (and around the world), in which this unholy
and immoral alliance are developing a very advanced Technology,
based on Unified Field Physics, Genetic Engineering, and biogenic
breeding in preparation for the ultimate "materialization" of the
"Dark Forces" when the "Mystery of Iniquity" is finally culminated
in "Anti-Christ" or "Ahriman" ("Incarnation of Satan").
(8) This entire subject matter remains the most highly classified and
most closely guarded secret of all time, under the cloak of
"National Security".
(9) Faith in God is what protects us against this. Paranoia is what
allows the "materialization" or Psycho-Physical manifestation of
the M.I.B. (or other diabolical forms) to "visit" you, If you
know too much.

signed: W.M. Steinman 12/18/86
10-Aug-87 19:47 MST
Sb: AP 08/07 0818 Abductions
------ By STEFAN FATSIS Associated Press Writer
NEW YORK (AP) -- What angers Whitley Strieber most is the attitude of UFO
debunkers who outright reject his claims in the best-selling book "Communion"
that he was abducted by short, stocky, big-eyed humanoids.
Strieber, the 42-year-old author of pop thrillers-turned-movies "The Wolfen"
and "The Hunger," resolutely denies inventing his 299-page account of bright
lights and midnight visits by alien beings to his remote cabin in upstate New
"I believe I am telling the truth," Strieber said in a telephone interview.
"`Communion' never demands that you believe in UFOs or that you believe that the
visitors are physically real.
"All it asks you to do is place into question some of the paradigms about
reality and the nature of the mind," he said. "I'm not asking more than that."
"Communion," which has sold more than 250,000 copies and was No. 1 on the New
York Times non-fiction best-seller list for three weeks, details Strieber's
reported contacts with alien visitors in 1985-86.
In the book, Strieber says on one occasion humanoids wearing gray body-suits
carried him to a small depression in the woods and later to a messy chamber. The
visitors, he says, physically assaulted him, inserting a "shiny, hair-thin
needle" in his head and a long, scaly object in his rectum.
"It wasn't dreamlike in any way -- you don't get a needle mark in your head
from a dream," Strieber said. "I felt like I was being raped. ... It just didn't
strike me as being hallucinatory or dreamlike in nature."
Co-author of two books about nuclear war and the environment, "Warday" and
"Nature's End," Strieber said he has received more than 2,000 letters from
readers, over half of whom claim some kind of alien contact.
He is forming a referral service network of doctors and counselors -- not UFO
investigators -- for people who have written to him claiming paranormal
"People know that something is going on and it's not understood by science,"
Strieber said. "The result of this is they're just simply not going to buy the
debunkers. They shouldn't believe them. The real problem we have now is that the
debunkers are frightening the scientific community into not taking a
clear-headed look at this.
"`Communion' has been done with a lot of care and a lot of attention to
candor," he added. "There's no reason that someone with a good reputation can't
take it seriously and study it seriously."
Many details of Strieber's alleged encounters emerged during hypnosis
sessions with a New York City psychiatrist, transcripts of which are included in
the book.
Strieber says he underwent a battery of physical and psychological tests that
showed him to be normal, and also passed two polygraphs. The bottom of each page
of "Communion" asserts that Strieber's is "A True Story."
"I believe it so completely that I can take a lie detector test and pass," he
said. "I cannot be convinced -- not by myself, not by a psychiatrist, not by
anybody -- that there is the slightest doubt this is real."
Strieber, who includes his wife and 8-year-old son among witnesses to the
paranormal happenings, is writing a sequel entitled "Transformation" about
subsequent visits.
The author received a $1 million advance from the publisher for "Communion"
but said negotiations haven't been completed for the new book, which details his
struggle to come to terms with being the apparent subject of alien experiments.
"Transformation" includes one "major" encounter and three minor ones with the
same humanoids, Strieber said. The sequel is about his transformation"from a
frightened victim to someone who is going to tell it like it was, damn the
He said he no longer fears when he will be "visited" again.
"I just live my life," Strieber said. "When these happen it's always a little
startling. But I don't think in terms of when it will happen again."
The author said he had no interest in UFOs until his first encounters.
"It just didn't seem to matter very much," he said. "My concerns were peace
and the environment."
"When I was 11 or 12 there were (outer space) movies ... but it wasn't
something that we thought was particularly real. It was science fiction, but you
don't expect science fiction to be real."
("Communion" is published by William Morrow.)

Copyright 1987 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.
CUFON - UFO Information Service Seattle, Washington 3/20/86
Lab Results Of 1966 `Swampgas Case'.
This information was obtained by Mr.Dale Goudie, director of Puget Sound
Aerial Phenomena Research and Information director for the UFO Information
Service in Seattle, Washington.
The broad details of this case have long been known. This is the case in
which Dr. J. Allen Hynek, at the time a consultant to the U.S. Air Force,
issued his quickly-condemned opinion that the lights seen could have been
swamp gas.
New additional information about the famed 1966 Swamp Gas case in Michigan
surfaced in 1984 shedding new light on this incident my Dale Goudie.
Goudie States: The material consists of a news release issued at the time by
William E. Van Horn, the Civil Defense Director for Hillsdale County,
Michigan. It contains a hitherto unknown loboratory report covering the
scientific analysis of soil, water and animal life in the area of the reported
landing. for those unfamiliar with the case, here are excepts from a
statement made at the time by Van Horn:
On the evening of March 21,1966 at 10:32 P.M. a call was received from the
New Woman's Dormitory at Hillsdale College by the Office Of Civil
Defense.....from a student reporting that some type of craft had descended
from the Northeast, flashed by their dormitory and disappeared to the South.
At Msg# : 359 Sat 4 Mar 00 1:07a Cost: 20
From : Tom Mickus
To : Rod Wilson, Paraclypse Network BBS III (147/66)
Subject: <<UFONET>>
Status : Pvt Crash
You don't know me, so allow me to introduce myself. I'm the Sysop
of THE CRUCIBLE <<UFONET I>> out of Toronto, Ontario. I've been a
Sysop for a year now, and have just begun a new network, strictly
non-profit, which you might be interested in joining.
What I have done in this netmail to you, is send an accompanying file
which briefly tells you a bit about <<UFONET>>, and gives a file
listing as well. If you are at all interested, or have additional
questions, then please feel free to send me Netmail.
Naturally, you are under no obligation, and this info I've sent to
you is left for your consideration.
Briefly, here is what <<UFONET>> involves:
o The purpose of the whole thing, is not just to have additional
echomail conferences, but also an accompanying file library,
accompanied with a particular attitude, which I hope will
characterize UFONET nodes. That philosophy being one of having a
freeand open approach towards discussing UFO related subjects.
Towards that end, there are 2 Public echoes which will cover UFO
related discussion, and a Sysops echo for UFONET boards.
o You are not req'd to modify your existing boards in anyway,
other than creating one "Top Menu" for the <<UFONET>> area which
can be accessed from your BBS' Main Menu. You are not req'd to
changeyour board's name, or anything else. We are a loose
affiliationof boards, and are not in it as a business.
o <<UFONET>> will NOT have an editorial policy, rather our aim
is to bring UFO researchers and the public together into one
forum for the mature discussion of UFO topics. We are a 100%
dedicated UFO network, and as such differ markedly from other
networks currently operating.
o Why UFONET you ask?? Some of you may say that your current Fido
"UFO" echo is sufficient. UFONET is more than just one echo. We
have multiple UFO echoes, and a huge file library of over 300 files
related to almost every aspect of the phenomenon. As such, we will
also act as an on-line resource for those with a more serious
approach to UFO study. In addition, we have what I would hope is a
clear attitude, and operating philosophy....minimum
censorship of views...and an attitude to bring the UFO
researcher and public together through access via dozens of
<<UFONET>> boards.
o As a can choose to be as uninvolved, or involved
as you choose. Once you have set-up the Menus (less than an
hour's work) you can start receiving the Echoes. UFONET boards
are required to also have the accompanying file library, which
one should pick up with 45 days of getting your <<UFONET>> node
designation, should you decide to get involved. If you as as Sysop
are not particularly interested in the subject, but would still
like to be affiliated...then that's fine, although I would hope
that the Sysops have at least some interest. The fact that you are
carrying the Fidonet "UFO" echo (of which we are not affiliated) is
proof to me that you have at least a casual interest. <<UFONET>> is
for those Sysop's who want to take that "extra step..." towards a
more "serious" UFO Section on their respective BBSs.
o The Bottom Line is this:
- You would have to carry the 3 <<UFONET>> echoes, currently
hubbed here in Toronto, but with plans to move it to a U.S.
PCP Hub once we are more established.
- Within 45 days, you would have to obtained the approximately
4 Megs worth of UFO related files (10% can ARC
them all if disk space is a factor). For details, see the
- As a <<UFONET>> board, you would not be obligated in anyway,
and could pull out at any time.
- As a DO NOT have to be "active", but this of course
is the preferable situation.
Again, if you are at all interested, please send me Netmail,
andI can provide you with more details. If you want to become a
<<UFONET>> board, I can set you up immediately with the proper fi
files and put you on the <<UFONET>> echomail feed. Whatever your
decision, thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.
-Tom Mickus <<UFONET I>> Moderator
o As a Sy

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