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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (UPI) _ A streaking object, probably a
Soviet rocket body re-entering the atmosphere, left a fiery trail across
the night sky Friday, and falling debris may have caused two fires in
Arkansas, authorities said.
The object, which prompted thousands of calls in several states,
entered the atmosphere across the central United States shortly after 7
p.m. MST, going from southwest to northeast, officials at the North
American Aerospace Defense Command said. There were repors from people
in Texas, Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas who had seen the flaming
"Our best estimation is that it was the re-entry of a Soviet
rocket body associated with a launch that took place last year," said
Commander Dugald Gillis, a NORAD spokesman.
Authorities in rural northwestern Arkansas reported two mysterious
fires possibly caused by the space debris, and some Washington County
sheriff's deputies reported the object passed over their heads.
"We didn't locate any actual debris," said Sheriffs Sgt. James
Cantrell, who did not see the object, but collected reports on it. "We
had a couple of fires mysteriously started, but it being dark, we didn't
locate anything. We'll probably go out tomorrow morning and look over
the area."
Sheriff's officers and volunteer firefighters rushed to the fires
to check out reports of a possible small plane crash in the rural area
about 4 miles southwest of the town of West Fork, Cantrell said.
"Some of the deputies reported seeing it, so did some of the
firemen and ambulance personnel. While they were standing around, this
object went over," Cantrell said.
Reports of the distance varied with some deputies and firefighters
saying the burning object came as close as 200 yards and others saying
it appeared to be a couple of miles above the ground.
"Everybody said it looked like a rocket and had blue-green fire
from the tail of it," Cantrell said of the 10 to 15 sightings reported
to his department. "They could tell it was a rocket. They knew it
wasn't a meteor or something. It had a cone or cigar shape."
The debris apparently started two small fires in the rural area,
each about 100 square yards in size, Cantrell id. The nearest house
was about a half-mile away.
In Texas, thousands of people telephoned radio and television
stations after sighting the object flash across the northeastern sky.
A control tower operator at a Dallas airport, Love Field, said a
pilot sitting in his plane on the ground informed the tower he had seen
the object and that it resembled a meteor fireball.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is
charged with the responsibility for the protection of the North
American continent from air attack. This is done through continuous
monitoring of the skies with sophisticated radar systems designed to
detect any foreign objects in or approaching our airspace. When an
unidentified aircraft is sighted by radar, NORAD attempts to
communicate with it for identification purposes. If this is not
successful, it becomes necessary to "scramble" interceptors to identify
the craft visually. According to NORAD, this happens about fifteen
times per month. Usually the aircraft are identified.
Sometimes they are not identified. These reports would be
classified as UFOs or, as NORAD terms them, "Uncorrelated
Observations." Two types of uncorrelated observations have been noted
in NORAD data. One type involves the atmospheric detection of unknown
aerial objects, and the other involves the space detection of unknown
orbiting objects.
Space observations are recorded by the NORAD Space Detection
and Tracking System (SPADATS) and a Navy counterpart, the Naval Space
Surveillance System (NAVSPASUR). These systems track and maintain
element sets on approximately 5,000 man-made, catalogued objects in
space. Approximately 25,000 observations are sent to the NORAD Space
Defense Center each day from the sensor systems. Most of these
observations are directly correlated to catalogued objects. The ones
that are not correlated are not necessarily all genuine UFOs. A great
majority areeither satellites too small to track or debris from
satellite break-ups.
Estimates vary, but several hundred catalogued objects are
orbiting the earth at present. These objects and the continuous need
to update the element sets of catalogued objects due to natural
phenomena are the largest contributors of uncorrlated observations. A
certain percentage are never correlated with known objects and can
literally be called unidentified flying objects or, in this case,
"unidentified orbiting objects."
According to NORAD, between SPADATS and NAVSPASUR
approximately ten million uncorrelated observations have been collected
over the last twenty years. If we were to take the usual estimates of
the percentage of true unknowns from all UFO reports sent to various
sources (ninety five percent, give or take a few percent), we are left
with roughly five percent being UFOs. This agrees well with the
government's figures.

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November 7, 1975 at Malmstrom Air Force Base. UFO penetrates missile

...It began to rise, and at about 1,000 feet, NORAD picked
up the UFO on radar.
Two F-106 jet interceptors were launched from Great Falls,
Montana, and headed toward the K-7 area. The UFO continued to rise.
At about 200,000 feet, it dsappeared from NORAD's radar.

...An additional bit of informaion surfaced later. In a
National Military Command Center "Memorandum for Record" dated November
8, 1975, 6 a.m. EST, the following statement appeared in reference to

At 405 EST, SAC Site L-5 bserved one object accelerate, and
climb rapidly to a point in altitude where it became idistinguishable
from the stars. NORAD will carry this incident as a FADE remaining
UNKNOWN at 320 EST since after that time only visual sightings occurred.

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During October and November 1975, several major Air Force
bases were easily penetrated by UFOs. Through a leak by a Pentagon
source, enough specific data was learned about the incidents to demand
and receive edited government documents about them via the Freedom of
Information Act. The reader will note the sometime use of the terms
unidentified, helicopters, aircraft, and targets by the reporting Air
Force bases. It's quite apparent that such terminology was the product
of ignorance concerning the objects' identity. In realit, the USAF
was dealing with the unknown! The following summaries are directly
from the logs of ORAD which I have on file.

29 October/0630Z: Command Director called by Air Force
Operations Center concerning an unknown helicopter landing in the
munitions storage area at Loring Air Force Base, Maine. Apparently
this was the second night in a row for the occurrence. There was also
an indication, but not confirmed, that Canadian bases had been
overflown by a helicopter.
31 October/0445Z: Report from Wurtsmith Air Force Base
through Ops Center--incident at 0355Z. Helicopter hovered over SAC
Weapons storag area, then departed area. Tanker flying at 2,700 feet
made both visual sighting and radar skin paint. Tracked object 35
nautical miles southeast over Lake Huron where contact was lost.
01 November/0920Z: Received as info message from Loring Air
Force Base, Maine, citing probable helicopter overflight of base.
08 November/0753Z: 24th NORAD Region unknown track J330,
heading SSW, 12,000 feet. 1 to 7 objects, 46.46N 109.23W. Two F-106
scrambled out of Great Falls at 0745Z . SAC reported visual sighting
from Sabotage Alert Teams (SAT) K1, K3, L1 and L6 (lights ad jet
sounds). Weather section states no anomalous propagation or northern
lights. 0853Z SAC SAT Teams K3 and L4 report target at 300 feet
altitude and 4 reports target at 5 miles. Contact lost at 0820Z.
F-106s returned to base at 0850Z with negative results. 09Z Great
Falls radar search and height had intermittenta contact. 0910Z SAC
teams again had visual (Site C-1, 10 miles SE Stanford, Montana).
0920Z SAC CP reported that when F-106s were in area, targets would turn
out lights, and when F-106s left, targets would turn lights on...This
same type of activity has been reported in the Malmstrom area for
several day....The track will be carried as a remaining unknown.

All of these Air Force bases belonged to the Strategic Air
Command (SAC). The Malmstrom and Grand Forks bases house Minuteman
missile sites. K1, K3, L1, etc., are missile locations. These
visitations become more intriguing as we now turn to the 24th NORAD
Region senior director's log Malmstrom AFB, Montana).

07 November/1035Z: Received a call from the 341st Strategic
Air Command Post (SAC CP) saying that the following missile locations
reported seeing a large red to orange to yellow object: M1, L-3, LIMA
and L-6. The general object location would be 10 miles south of Moore,
Montana, and 20 miles east of Buffalo, Montana. Commander and Deputy
for Operations (DO) informed.
07 November/1203Z: SAC advised that the Launch Control
Facility at Harlowton, Montana, observed an object which emted a
light which illuminated the site driveway.
07 November/1319Z: SAC advised K-1 says very brigh object
to their east is now southeast of them and they are looking at it with
10 x 50 binoculars. Object seems to have lights (several) on it, but
no distinct pattern. The orange/goldobject overhead also has small
lights on it. SAC also advises female civilian reports having seen an
object bearing south from her position six miles west of Lewistown.
07 November/1327Z: L-1 reports that the object to their
northeast seems to be issuing a black object from it, tubular in shape.
In all this time, surveillance has not been able to detect any sort of
track except for known traffic.
08 November/0635Z: A security camper team at K-4 reported a
UFO with white lights, one red light 50 yards behind white light.
Personnel at K-1 seeing same object.
08 November/0645Z: Height personnel picked up objects
10-13,000 feet...Objects as many as seven.
08 November/0753Z: Unknown...Stationary/seven
knots/12,000...Two F-106...notified.
08 November/0820Z: Lost radar contact, fighters broken off.
08 November/0905Z: L-sites had fighters and objects (in
view); fighters did not get down to objects.
08 November/0915Z: From SAC Command Post: From four
different points: Observed objects and fighters; When fighters arrived
in the area, the lights went out; when fighters departed, the lights
came back on.
09 November/0305Z: SAC Command Post called and advised SAC
crews at Sites L-1, L-6 and M-1 observing UFO. Object yellowish bright
around light 20 miles north of Harlowton, 2 to 4,000 feet.
10 November/1125Z: UFO sighting reported by Minot Air Force
Station...moving east, about the size of a car...the object passed over
the radar station, 1,000 feet to 2,000 feet high, no noise heard.
Three people from the site or local area saw the object.

The above excerpts from official Air Force lgs make a
mockery of our government's insistence that UFOs do not exist! The Air
Force also refused to declassify some of the documents requested,
saying that the contents of such were "exempt from disclosure" under
the FOIA. What else happened at these SAC bases on those eventful

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