(Ted) I'm back !
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32 71450,3504 ANN 5 DBC
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(5,DON) FAA. Will keep all updated on any devolping info...ga
(Ted) I'm back. Hi. sorry. Who is up? ga
(5,Marge) Whos on first?
(Ted) I dunn0
(5,DBC) !
(5,Marge & Drax) !
(Ted) Go Ga Marge & Drax
(5,Marge & Drax) Did anyone see the CUFOS Bulletin on Gulf Breeze?
(5,Joe Holland) Anymore on the implantrecovered in Europe?
(5,DON) yes
(5,DBC) no only reports
(Ted) Is that one one Jim from drax posted? ga Marge
(5,Marge & Drax) I talked to Bruce MAccabee yesterday. He says that CUFOS
jumped the gun badly. He also agrees that MUFON jumped the gun inpublicizing
the case in the first place, and that CUFOS may just have been reacting to
that. GA
(Ted)Who is talking Jimr Marge? ga
(5,Marge & Drax) Jim
(5,DBC) !
(Ted) Ga DBC
(5,DBC) Yes, regarding the CUFOS report, I only saw quotes posted by Jim, but
some of the language they used was very unprofessional and unscientific
frankly, I think they lost some credibility because of it. ga
(Phil Klass) I thought it was just REAT!
(5,DBC) I knew it was really you Phil!
(5,DBC) Ted?
(Ted) Yes. Did you have More DBC ga
(5,DBC) Ok I have something interesting, but I'll wait a minute for any
follow up on the CUFOS business. ga
(Ted) Anyone have any follow? ga
(Ted) Ok Dbc continue ga
(5,Marge & Drax Well...
(5,Joe Holland) What about the dirt patch?
(Ted) Ga Drax
(5,Marge & Drax) Bruce says the incident with the editor videotaping Mr. Ed
is not a simple case of him missing the object, says its very complex, and
you would have to see it to see why he missed the object. He says that the
"hoax hypothesis" is unfalsifiable, because no matter what evidence they come
up with, one can always say, "well, he's just that much more clever a hoaxer.
He says wait and see the analysis. GA
(Ted) Can you give us some idea of why the video taping misdirectio is no
so wierd as it seems? ga
(5,Marge & Drax) It was raining out, and while both Mr. Ed and Duane Cook
were outside the truck at one point, Duane got BACK in the truck to try and
keep the video equipment dry. It was at that point the object became isible,
and Mr. Ed, still outside the truck, photographed it while Duane taped HIM. GA
(Ted) Ok Joe, I believe you had a question about a "dirt patch?" GA
(Ted) Joe is gone...more MIB's? DBC you said you had something interesting
to add. GA
(5,DBC) ok. This is not about Gulf Breeze though. Are we don with GB for
now? ga
(Ted) Seems like it ga
(5,DBC) ok. Last night I had te pleasure of spending 3-4 hours with George
and Shirley Coyne, who are co-directors of MUFON in MI. They are very active
in conducting hypnotic regressions on abductees in the state. They don't do
the hypnosis themselves but have several people ho do this. The currently
are dealing with 37 abductees. They are uniquely qualified because Shirley
herself is an abductee. She was first abduted when she was 9 years old. Later
at age 17 she was impregnated; fetus disappeared 3 months later. Dr said no
signs of pregnancy. She was unaware of any of this until about 5 years ago
when she and George experience 5 new sightings near their home. Hypnosis by
Budd Hopkins starded revealing what happened. Budd only did one session, but
she has had a number of others by other hypnotherapists, mainly by a person
nam Ginny. Actually Shirley appears in Budd's Intruders under a different
name. G and S are in close touch with Budd, as well as Whitley Schreiber.
Budd recently told them that they had recovered an implant. I think this is
different from the one recently recovered in Europe. They were unawre oaf the
latter. They called it a translocator and its currently under analysis. I
have more but will stop for now for any questions. ga
(5,DON) !!
(Ted) Ok. Don is up then I have a ? GA don
(5,DON) I wanted to ask BC if the device was under analysis, but it appears
he already ansd. Any reports on the device yet? ga
(5,Marge & Drax) !
(Ted) Ok. Drax Ga
(5,Marge & Drax) We have to log off soon to call East Coasters. Any quick
(Ted) I'm an East Coaster>ga
(5,DBC) M and D, you will want to hear whats coming next.ga
(Ted) GA drax
(5,Marge & Drax) !Do you know the secret password?
(Ted) Please elaborate. ga
(5,Marge & Drax) We will wait for news and then exit.ga
(5,DBC) !
(Ted) ga dbc
(5,DBC) ok. According to Shirley and George, on Jan. 19 of this year
something strange began to occur amoun essentially all of the abductees in
MI that they are in touch with. The women started having strange menstral
periods (out of cycle) hysterectomies--many have had them. The also
experience nose bleeds and noticed new "pin-marks" on their thighs. The men
also experienced nose bleeds. They all feel "agitted", have headaches and
hear "metallic" sounds in their heads. The latter symptoms are continuing.
No one knows what it means, but evidently something has been switched on. ga
(5,Wedge) Hi guys
(5,DON) Hey Buckwheat!!
(5,DON) ??
(Ted) ga don
(5,Marge & Drax) ?
(5,DON) Ok. DBC is this just in their area, or "nation wide"?
(5,Marge & Drax) Did Shirley tell you that they were also being followed b
(5,DON) ga
(5,DBC) ok...
(Ted) By what DRax? ga
(5,DBC) There was no mention of it being nation wide. ga
(5,Marge & Drax) black, unmarked helicopters, and their phone is apparently
being monitored?
(5,Wedge) ?
(5,DBC) Yes. They talked about that. They have encountered the black
helicopter on several occassions. Once during a hypnosis session in their
home another time while travelling to Indiana. They also mentioned that
during a sighting in 1983 near their home they saw about 20 of them at once.
They were obviously interested in the craft. They feel that the copters are
NSA. ga
(Ted) Ok.. Dale you're up! GA
(5,Wedge) Jst wanted to add that as recently as yesterday, when I have been
talking to Rick Dell'Aquila or other investgators, my phone will die in the
middle of a sentence, and then I get a dial tone. So, now we answer the
phone as Langley and NSA Headquarters.ga
(5,DBC) !
(Ted) ga dbc
(5,DON) Better watch out dale, they know who you are!
(5,DBC) ok. G and S also mentioned that their phone is tapped. ga
(5,DBC) !
(Ted) ga dbc
(5,Wedge) !
(5,DBC) ok. G and S also mentioned that over the past few years they have had
an excellent rapport with the police dept and sherrif depts around MI. They
have always been good about letting them know about reports of sighting etc.
However, in the last few months that has uddenly stopped. Also regarding
their phone, they keep getting the run-around when they complain to the phone
people. ga
(Ted) Have you suggested that the go to a private organization to check on
the tap? ga
(5,DBC) no, but sounds like a good idea. Who do you suggest? ga
(Ted)I don't know anyone in that area, but I'm sure wityh a few phone call
we could locate a Private Investigating firm with the proper equipment. ga
(5,DBC) Good idea, I'll see i I can help on that. ga
(Ted) How about you DON and Dale do you have any suggestions. ga
(5,Wedge) !
(5,DBC) !
(5,DON) ?
(Ted) ga dale
(5,Wedge) There are many around. If you look in a recent issue of Discover,
there is a big article on the art of bugging and de-bugging. It has a picture
of Spy vs. spy on the cover. Secondly, has anyone got an explanation for the
following. I call someone and my voice seems to be amplified a little. They
can't hear it on their end, only on mine. Its like my voice is coming back
to me as I am taing to make it sound amplified? ga
(5,DON) !!
(Ted) Ga don
(5,DON) Ok. DBC take this down, an address for a bug check for phones. The
name is "THE DUTCHMAN" dept 6 8 8, PO Box 12548 Overland Park, Ks.,
66212. They have a inexpensive but very good "tap" detector, but to be
absolulty sure, go with commerical electronic firm that specializes in this,
and Dale it sounds like you could certainly be on the narrow end of a
microscoe, I would have my house "swept" if I were you the problem is with
todays tech. You don't even have to have a physical hookup. With the right
equip. I can be parked down the street and know what you are doing in your
house, and never hook up anything. ga
(Ted) Ok. DBC do you think that Shirley would be willing to be a guest on
one of our Sunday night COs? I'd love to get a real abductee on here. GA
(5,DBC) ok...
(5,Marge & Drax) !bye
(Ted) bye
(5,DON) bye
(5,Wedge) Gotta go too. Bye
(Ted) Night Dale
(5,DON) bye guy
(5,DBC) I will ask her. I wouldn't be surpised if she would be happy to do
it, since both she and George do a lot of talk shows etc. I'll ask. ga
(Ted) Grea! I'll need about three or four days warning in order to get her
a Free account for the evening. It would be great if we could get her the
weekend before Budd. Does she have a computer with a Modem? ga
(5,DBC) I don't think they have a computer. But they would be welcome to come
to my place to do the CO.ga
(Ted) Great. Let me know and I can gvet you a Free flag for the CO. This
(5,DBC) ok will do. ga
(5,DBC) !
(Ted) Go dbc
(,DBC) ok. One other interesting aspect about Shirley. Ever since she was 17
(now 45-50?) she has had some serious medical problems. She has had lupus and
Addisons's disease. But in 1983, both diseaseisappeared completely, and
she has been in good health (relatively) ever since. She thinks its related
to the series of sightings they had in 1983. Interestingly, during thoses
sightings George suffered some serious burn around his implanted pace maker.
He was suddenly ver tied and forgetful. After 3 weeks they discovered that
the pacemaker had stopped. And when they replaced it surgically they were
surprised to find a lot of burnt "rotting" tissue. They believe it related
to microwave exposure during one of the sightings. ga
(Ted) Or it could have been burned by magnetic induction. If there was much
metal in the pacemaker.ga Don ga
(5,DBC) Possibly so. ga
(5,DON) DBC, wth all the abductees that they have interviewed. Have they
been able to glean and reason, or possible devolpments that the abductees
were able to impart? ga
(5,DBC) ok. Not really. But that reminds me of something she told me recently
while returning from some vacation time in the northern part of the state,
they heard a voice on their CB. When George looked at the unit he reallized
it was off. Both of them heard the voice but could not remember what it said.
Later under hypnosis, Shirley revealed that the voice said: "September,
September, September, etc. be read." Weird huh? ga
(5,DBC) sorry "be ready". ga
(5,DBC) !
(Ted) Yes Yes Yesgo dbc
(5,DBC) Another abductee had a similar experience, but his/her? message was;
October, October, etc...ga
(Ted) I think that is when Whitley Streiber's new book is to be released. GA
(5,DON) Ted, better call John and see if he has any info, huh?
(Ted) John Lear?
(Ted) What do you think he'll tell me? ga
(5,DON) I dont have the faintest. Have you spoken to him lately? I have tried
to call him, but have not been able toget through.
(Ted) I'll try to buzz him this week howeverthis is going to be a hectic
week for me. I get a new boss tomorrow. ga
(5,DON) !!
(Ted) ga don
(5,DON) Is anything schedualed b4 or after Budd on the 22nd? ga
(Ted) Not yet, unless DBC get's shirley. Why? ga
(5,DON) I was curious.
(5,DON) !!
(Ted) Well Owing to the fact that I have a bit of to do before my big day
tomorrow I'm going to have to split. GA DON
(5,DON) You know, while researching my paper. I me accross a totally
amazing report from 1967 that involved the Cuban airforce. It appears that an
unkown "bogey" had pentrated Cuban airspace and two Mig 21's were scrambled
the flight leader radioed back to his HQ that they were observing a "disc",
making totally unbelievalbe manuvers and it would not respond to attempts to
communicate. He was then ordered to "SHOOT IT DOWN" about < 3 > seconds
later his wing man screamed almost incoherently that his leaders plane
'JUST DISINTIGRATED" and no smoke or flame was observed this was moinitored
by US intelligence personell. Just thought I would relate this as
conversation died. (grin) however it is all true.....ga
(Ted) Nite guys
(5,DBC) Interesting story Don. Will look forward to reading your paper.
Night Ted.
(Ted) Me to - night.
(5,DON) You all take care. End of Prt 2 of 2
P.S.If you miss any of the files I'ved been putting on Paket you can download


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