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This is an official Department of Defense (DoD) computer system for authorized use only. All data contained on DoD computer systems is owned by DoD and may be monitored, intercepted, recorded, read, copied, or captured in any manner and disclosed in any manner by authorized personnel - THERE IS NO RIGHT TO PRIUACY ON THIS SYSTEM. Authorized personnel may giue any potential evidence of crime found on DoD computer systems to law enforcement officials, USE OF THIS SYSTEM BY ANY USER, AUTHORIZED OR UNAUTHORIZED, CONSTITUTES EXPRESS CONSENT TO THIS MONITORING, INTERCEPTION, RECORDING, READING, COPYING, OR CAPTURING, AND DISSEMINATION BY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL. Do not discuss, enter, transfer, process, or transmit classified/sensitive national security information of greater sensitivity than this system is authorized. USAFAnet is not accredited to process classified information. Unauthorized use could result in criminal prosecution. If you do not consent to these conditions, do not log in* UniUerse Command Language 7.3

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dec utIOO (utIOO)

Enter terminal type, or '?' to display: "UT100" I





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