by Sandro GAGLIANO-Corresponding C.U.I. Sicily


Caronia is a small center in province of Messina with about 4000 inhabitants. In the last months it has been to the attentions of italian scientists, journalists and curious because of the phenomenons of self-combustion inside Canneto houses, a maritime village in the province of Messina, Sicily (Italy).





CaroniaEverything started towards the end of January when the first electric breakdowns were recorded to televisions and small electric apparatuses. To the beginning the residents managed the drawbacks with the help of electricians, but after few days the breakdowns came back again.A that point, on February 2nd,  the Italian Electric Society (Enel), suspecting a proper breakdown,  installed an autonomous central electric apparatus in the area. Nevertheless, it has been useless: even some external counters started to smoke again. On February 4th, Enel’s technicians decide to remove the power electricity, but in few hours new fires are recorded to counters and threads of tide again. In the following days the phenomenon intensified and reached the apex on Februart 7th and 8th when counters, threads of tide went to fire. In one house it even blazed a fire. The owner of the house told that succeeded in bringing out the couch in time, but the rescue was useless. In fact, shortly after, the couch inexplicably began to burn.

The Enel’s technicians didn't know what to do and, together with policemen directly assisted to a phenomenon of self-combustion. Some residents testimonied that: “the technicians detached and piled up in front of the houses a series of electric threads. After few minutes they suddenly started to burn!” Considering the particular situation the town mayor ordered the evacuation of the residents together with the propmt arrival of the Civil Protection. On February 9th  the zone is armored, in the houses all the electric fittingses are removed and began  the investigations of technicians and experts. Since then the fires were stopped but still the investigations are in progress to establish the causes of these inexplicable phenomenons of self-combustion.




Initially the principals souspicious were aimed at the near railway,  since the phenomenons were often recorded in coincidence with the arrival of the trains. Therefore, on February 8th, some residents occupied for some hours the railway forcing the technicians of the Civil Protection to disarm it. Despite this, inside the houses started to burn everything again. The railway was then restored entirely and  the hypothesis of its involvement was eliminated.




At the arrival of the police and Canneto Civil Protection’s tecnicians the fires immediately stopped. Initially, for this reason, it has been considered as malice but in the same way a weak hypothesis. First of all because different witnesses (among which also some policemen) have directly assisted at these phenomenons. But then, how to explain the sudden arrest as to make the phenomenon to the arrival of the experts?

Some of the residents have expressly told me to believe that the technicians, once arrived on the place, would have individualized and solved the problem maintaining the secret to cover the persons responsible for it and therefore to avoid that someone has to pay the damages. And in fact, a few days later the hypothesis of the natural phenomenon that would have had to make things clear about the mystery jumped out; this conclusion would also have protected the real person responsible for it.







On February 17th  the Civil Protection comunicates that the solution to the mystery of the Caronia  fires seems near to solve. According to them, these fires must be exclusively to impute, with a reasonable degree of certainty, to natural electrostatic phenomenons.”

The manager area of the Civil Protection, Tullio Martella said that “considering a modeling of the terrestrial nucleus defined as “curly”, a great deal of geotermical energy is able to going up  towars the terrestrial surface through preferential streets that culminated in points, as the stings of a curl. Therefore, in the area, it would sprouted one of these stings. This energy provokes a breakup of the bonds that constitute the layers of the subsoil, with an increase of the porosity and a consequent release of free electronses. These electronses, freely moving themself in space, in proximity of metallic materials created burdens condensers of elevated ability. This  phenomenon mainly appears  in presence of electric conductors. Among the armors of these condensers it locates a difference of such potential electric field that, overcoming the dielectric rigidity of the insulator, it pierces itself originating destructive discharges that are the causes of the principles of combustion..”



The day later the president of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology denied everything  immediately: “Nature has nothing to do with these phenomenons”. The technicians of the INGV have done numerous reliefs and measurements and everything has been normally registered. After all it is difficult to imagine how a trial can strikes only some, and not all electric fittings. Shortly after the Civil Protection changes its mind saying that there are no technical-scientific elements to confirm the hypothesis. The hypothesis of natural phenomenon leave the place to a volcanic hypothesis one.






Caronia village is geographically near to the Eolie islands, a vulcanic still active area. For this reason it might be posssible that the phenomenon can be tied up somehow to the volcanos. According to experienced technicians, there would be a continuous flow of loaded particles of electrons being picked up, condensing in points electrically loaded  as the counters. The heating of these equipments could be the causes of the fires. Besides I have personally talked about this theory with a Caronia policeman, telling me that some fishermen, while they were near Caronia Marina village,  have “seen boil the water”… A phenomenon similar to that happened a long time ago to Lipari isle. According to the policeman this means that indeed particular geophysical events are manifesting in the zone.





A paranormal phenomenon has been also hypothesized. It is the case of father Gabriele Amorth, honorary president of the international exorcists association. In his opinion such phenomenon could only be a devil affair and therefore the first thing to do is to call to priest to bless the houses. A benediction of the houses can reassure someone of the residents but  it will be very difficult to solve the problem. Unusual the proposal of  a teacher’s university that explained how the devil has taken possession of those houses. Everything would be depended by the name of the little town that would hide something dismal and mysterious. Which is the best way of getting rid of it? A beautiful ceremony in the beach with a sacrifice of goats.

After all you never know…. To this point of the investigations none hypothesis could be the right one





Many hypotheses but no certainities. Nobody wants to talk about HAARP project but all the residents know about it and in the same time they were prepared to believe that the reasons might be this.

A girl, living in Canneto town and coming from Vicenza (Italy), spoke about similar phenomenons verified in Vicenza around 10 years ago.

Will it be a coincidence? ...does this girl has something to do with it? She’s been in two such distant places in different years fighting with the same phenomenon...

Almost surely it will be a coincidence but the first thing that jumped me is that she was really the cause…

However, she confirmed me what I already knew about Vicenza’s case. Metallic and no mettallic objects that inexplicably took fire, vacuum cleaner and electric heater that turned on by themselves and residents that warned burdens discomforts.

When I told her that the C.U.I. (International Unidentified Flying Objects Center), directed by Dr Antonello Lupino, had investigated and  hypothesized to microwaves exposure phenomenon,  she answered me that  Vicenza’s  phenomenons have disappeared after a strong rain.

According to what it has been said on that case, it was clear the exposure of the zone to microowaves, probably radiated by repeaters places in top to a hill in front of Canneto town.

Also at Caronia village, above the interested area, exist three repeaters installed last year. Would these repeaters be the causes? As soon as the technician verified the functionality of these repeaters they missed to report the results.





The analogies of the two cases are strong enough. In Vicenza mainly burned metallic objects as in Caronia…In both cases it seems to be of great relevance the presence of aimed repeaters in the interested areas…

Nevertheless none of the residents reported me about illness during this period. Only a hen has been found dead in the area. The veterinarian examination underlined a pulmonary trauma due to exhalations of sulphuric acid emitted by the ground. Nothing to do with indispositions accused by Vicenza inhabitants. For the remaing part it is clear the bond among the two cases… and it is also logical to hypothesize that the cause is the same one.

It is clear that CUI Center verified that in Vicenza the repeaters were aimed in residences direction radiating them of microwaves. Probably also in Caronia was happened the same thing.

In the meantime investigations are carring on… may be that mystery  won't  never disclosed … and perhaps… in years time we will talk about new inexplicable fires in other little towns with a girl, who lived in Vicenza and Caronia,  present again!



C.U.I. Sicily Correspondent





Summaries of the Newspaper “Corriere della Sera”

by C.U.I.  Sicily Corrispondent

- Sandro GAGLIANO -





Civil protection  experts have returned in  Sicilian town. New mysterious fires to Canneto, (Caronia, Sicily).  New flames now blazed in two houses and  strange phenomenons are verifing into mobiles and cars.


The firemen in action after one of the «mysterious» fires (photo ANSA)

Canneto (Messina, Sicily)


Mysterious fires carry on in Canneto, a small town in the Tirrenic Coast, Sicily. A month ago several fires continuously blazed in seven houses and attributed, by the technicians of the regional civil protection, to a rare electrostatic phenomenon. The flames have spontaneously started to blaze in the two houses of Canneto, attaching as happened before appliances and furnitures. Policemen and some inhabitants were on site; by that time they have been forced to temporarily move themselves for safety reasons.






Besides the two fires, anomalies are verified on mobiles, with the appearance on car displays of strange graphic symbols, togethr with some strange cases of self-automatic closings. The hypothesis of the electrostatic cause of these phenomenons has not definitely been confirmed by the scientists yet, that are still examining the results of reliefs completed to Caronia short after  the first appearance of the spontaneous fires.




Professor Giuseppe Maschio, teacher of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Messina and component of “Great Risk Regional Unit”, entrusted to study the phenomenon, has returned to Caronia. «I return to Caronia - he said - to understand what it is happening. I have just received a phonecall from the Department. We stopped the examinations waiting for the result of the judicial investigation, opened by “Procura of Mistretta”, and of the monitoring of the Civil Protection. Now we need to understand what the novelties are».


March 16th, 2004 

Comments  of the C.U.I.  Manager, Doctor Antonello Lupino


Undoubtedly, in this tangled mystery we have felt many authoritative comments of government/and non experts. Surprising is the fact that searches and  analyses have not clarified anything, as if in one side the whole series of phenomenons natural e/o mystical pseudo is excluded, once again there are no real answers. The question is: what or who  is  responsible for Canneto phenomenon?

Once again we assist to the usual ballet of scientists and technicians that after having formulated a jumble of hypothesis, all disproved, go back to other hypotheses. Once more, the citizen that suffers the damage, receives also the shame to assist an endless “unloads barrel” in which nobody is responsible for what happened, but the damaged sees their job ending literally in smoke!

The experts, if they are reallys such, would not forget that, up there in the space, to different heights,  a whole series of satellites are collocated, either soldiers or civil. Certainly, we know only some of them, but others, defined as “strategic”, are well hidden in their orbits and in their aims. We must not forget  that exist burdens satellites able to utter such a quantity of microwaves towards the earth, that assembling their systems into a specific geographical area, could  cause similar effects. Indeed, the reaction of metallic furnishings such as couches, beds, chairs etc.. to this “invisible energy”, is the same to the one of dishes inside microwave ovens, molecular acceleration inclusive (boiling water, sparks spranging from metallic objects..). Considering these “strange” series of events, we could surely affirm that Caronia town has become nowdays a giant microwave oven, in which inside suffered the same molecular treatment of any object inside the microwaves oven.


Why do I quote this example? Only because the famous CNR (National Research Center) or  the ENEL experts, have perhaps omitted  to inform the public and the press, that to many kilometers above our heads, orbit some burdens american  satellites of the HAARP, which according to numerous non government scientists, would have been responsible, in the last years, for a series of effects that cause environmental-climatic repercussions on the whole Planet.



Here are some abstracts from the  book-truth “HAARP's Covert Agendas The Big Picture” - 1998 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk Inc., in which the author describes some details:


“…..April 1998


HAARP--Program of Active Search to Aural  high frequency.




…….. Any angel will never use this “hobby”.  HAARP is in fact a futuristic nightmare project and it is currently working. In fact while we are investigating on this project, as well as on a wide variety of effects and artificial phenomenons, also on the possible uses, we notice on our Planet the results of a big  irradiation, noticed in Regions designated as target of the ionosphere. This evolving  project, is seriously worrying a team of citizens as the environmental activists, some institutional apparatuses, pilots of airplane, over that  ionosphere phisic and other groups of normal persons, crossed by the affirmations served in public by HAARP operators , that it is not anymore a small experiment, limited to a site of tests (despite HAARP is extremely powerful!) in a remote zone of Alaska.


We do not agree  to the numerous official declarations released by the Government Corporates interested by the Project, which have affirmed that their principal objective is  to use for supposed “benign" purposes only. From this Technical Documentation Project, acquired by the internal military intelligence and from an increasing massive structure of ulterior descriptive technical material, it  is put in evidence that the HAARP is really a Project with well more hidden that benign purposes, as some functions are extremely secret and advanced  (are not certainly followed to the respect of the dignity).


Some of these functions are:


A)           Improvement of the interference with the communications as the development of new types o radio transmission;

B)           ” experiment” of effects on the meteorological and climatic “models”;

C)          high terrestrial tomography (a kind of T.A.C. on an area-bombard, whose function is able to reveal, for example, the existence of underground installations as oil or mineral deposits ....


To a careful reading, you will have certainly understood that exist evident burdens evident between the  earth effects produced from the HAARP system and the facts happened to Caronia. In fact if we observe the function described at  point  C), you can deduce that “to sound” an interesting geographical zone, this system utters into the Earth, a great deal of microwaves able to penetrate the ground for many hundred meters, must be very powerful. Considering the  enormous power produced by these satellites (they are many of it!) it explains the high radiation to “epidermal” level: That is why  I don't feel to exclude the hypothesis that this series of phenomenons can be attributed at the whole Project.


The whole spar and HAARP satellites, called also “Tool of Ionophere Search” (IRI), will grow to reach the number of 360. In the magazine “Popular Science” (Sept. 1995) wrote that “the HAARP system was of United States exclusive responsibility which, against every remonstration of the environmentalists and varied groups ecologists, built the IRI allowing the aim of targets in a rapid way, with rays of radio-frequency in every direction and toward the lower part or to 30 degreeses above the horizon. Besides, the HAARP will have 1.7 G watts of real radiated power in the range of frequency from 2.8 to 10 MHz, causing a  permanent damage to the upper atmosphere of the Earth.”. Making a comparison, the energy level is more than 3.000 times greater of all the transmitting stations of world!

In the 440 pages on the environmental impact study of the HAARP, the American Government it admits the serious threat that the HAARP may represent. Popular Science wrote besides that: “the IRI transmissions  can raise the inside body  temperature on  persons near the  issues, to set fire cars  and metal objects, to let explode missile that use electronic fuses, and to interrupt the communications of flying  airplanes, as well as to rise up damages in the control flight  systems……….” .


Does it seems you to identify some similar characteristic even in the Canneto case? Only a coincidence. Perhaps!


We should only deep the searches, also to give a clear explanation to Canneto inhabitants, which have lost the house and the trust in the Institutions.


I advise you all to document of the presence in the underground of that geographic area, of oil or important mineral layers. Who knows when the truth will arrive.




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