For a long time the human being is set the questions that he anchors they accompany him during his own existence.

During the centuries, and in base to the technology from it reached, he has been able to give partly, answer to his own questions Not always, nevertheless, he has been able to give an exhaustive and logic answer to everything, marginalizing those conclusions previously that in the to spend some centuries, was not in line with the political ideologies of every epoch to which were reported.


The history is full of cases in which, especially in the epoch of the Spanish inquisition, who was not since that time in line with the ideas, he was burnt irremediably on the flames, or in the best of the cases, tortured by merciless jailers.

In dark recent times (around 30 yearseses needle), to stay in ufological circle, whoever told of to have seen objects flying identified not to land and in burdens cases to have received messages of peace or other from grey or green dwarfs or how much other, he was submitted to psychiatric and interned skill immediately in the insane asylumseses, of which it well hardly went out The live, and if for houses he was discharged, it brought on if the atrocious consequences of electroshock or worse still of prefrontal lobotomies, justified by doctors without scruples with the words: "it was to dangerous subject for if and for the others. Will it now be docile as a little lamb (or a vegetable?).


But the times change, people have the opportunity to know and to travel, nowadays all has a television in the house, and in the most well-to-do families we can find space even for a connected computer to Internet.

Seen therefore that the times are mature by now and that the ufological matter is approved by now and discussed to all the levels of the society, here is to be born the International Ufological Center (C.U.I.), been born by the wish of burdens experienced of national and international hunger impassioned of the ufological phenomenon in all her aspects, able twenty year-old experience and already belonging to the USAC (Academic Center of the Ufological Studies).


The term UFO, acronym coined 50 years ago almost by the aeronautics Military USA, become one it initials used in the common language what abbreviation of UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS or Identified not Flying Objects and synonymous of unusual event, extraneous to our reality. The science and the governments of the whole world are actively (and secretly) involved in the investigations UFO even if to levels of secretiveness not yet accessible.


In front of the verification of the existence of an unknown phenomenon and as such deserving of serious attention from the science, whose is hocked also, in a definite action of sensibilization towards the public, of the means of information and the scientific authorities, soldiers and politics, in the intent to earn, to the seriousness that the matter deserves, always pi layers of the today's reality. Whose is necessarily and decidedly apolitical and deprived of any lucrative purpose, constituted as private Association and gifted of a proper statute that all the partners are kept to respect in the most rigorous way. To improve qualitative and quantitative information, and therefore, the Ufological - scientific activity, whose has need of serious personnel, for which has always opened the registrations to associate and to collaborate.

The address of the Operational Provisional Center:


Adress: C.U.I. International Ufological Centre

P.O. Box 112 - 45100

Rovigo Italy




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